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Why Secure Socket Layer Certificates are crucial for doing business online


Safeguard your visitors’ data with the power of 256-bit encryption


Skyrocket your conversion rates by showing that you are trustworthy


Get higher on Google without putting in more effort
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The PDF will help you look at your website from a visitor’s point of view. You can see what they see and decide for yourself if it feels secure enough to be worthy of contact information or credit card details.

Website security is no simple matter. However, there are things that you can do right now to get a huge benefit for your business that require NO prior knowledge. You needn’t spend hours on research or huge amounts of money on experts. What if your website could not only surpass your competitors on Google (without the standard high fees you would need to pay for a SEO expert to even consider looking at it)? What if you also received a boost in lead generation and sales, without having to do anything special yourself?

This is exactly what an SSL certificate can do for your business website. It gives visual confirmation to your users, ensuring them that your organisation is trustworthy and protective of their data. This lets them relax in the realisation that their information is secure.

And do you know who is head over heels for both of these things? Google. The search engine giant actively encourages websites, willing to go the extra miles in the name of user safety, placing them MUCH higher in search results.

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