Cyber Guardian Lite

Cyber Guardian Lite

An innovative compact Cyber Security Solution

Go Live UK proudly presents Cyber Guardian Lite – the compact cyber defence solution. In lite of the recent worldwide cyber attacks, our team has come to the conclusion that UK businesses should no longer be forced to put up with sub-optimal security implementations, regardless of their field or niche. Seeing as how our comprehensive Cyber Guardian package can look daunting to smaller businesses, our team has decided to develop a special solution, working on the same principle. Albeit lighter and less feature-packed, Cyber Guardian Lite offers all of the security implementations necessary to facilitate the threat-free prosperity of your online presence. Cyber Guardian Lite allows you to benefit from safe and unlimited hosting (subject to fair use), highest webserver availability at top level, triple level of redundancy and triple level of back up. Furthermore, the package includes a complimentary half an hour support from our help desk.

Cyber Guardian Lite Benefits

Choose Cyber Guardian Lite for your business and benefit from:

  • Triple level of Backup
  • Triple Level of Redundancy
  • Highest Webserver Availability
  • Instantaneous Support
  • Throughout website and data-base protection
  • Constant server snapshotting

Keep your website secure and your customers safe with Go Live UK

All websites under Go Live UK maintenance benefit from in-built UK data backup capacity, advanced security implementations and guaranteed restoration options.

The Cyber Guardian Methodology


How Cyber Guardian protects your websites and customers

The cyber defence world of day is almost entirely focused upon prevention. Our team, however, understands that no website is impervious to malicious intent. With this in mind, the Cyber Guardian package was creation. Our cyber security experts have based its functionality upon the Respond-React-Recover principle. And even though our team will try to prevent attacks before they happen, our focus lies within the recoverability of your data. Our services ensure that should you find yourself the victim of a cyber attack, your important files and data are easily recoverable. This is further solidified with the help of our multiple back up layers and advanced software solutions.
Cyber Guardian Lite Triple Website Protection


The Safety of your website and data guaranteed with Cyber Guardian Lite

Our Cyber Guardian team of security experts continuously monitors your website and servers, ensuring that they are always up to date on their respective solutions. This ensures that hackers will never find you unprepared and most attacks will barely leave a dent. Should our Cyber Guardian team encounter any discrepancies, action is immediately taken and you are notified of the situation post-haste. Your Cyber Guardian subscription provides you with complimentary access to our helpdesk and all of its features, guaranteeing that you and your business benefit from expedient results.
Cyber Guardian Lite Top Level


Your Website is on duty 24/7 with Cyber Guardian Lite

The safety and constant uptime of your website is crucial for the online presence of your business. Our Cyber Guardian Lite service provides you with not only top-level availability but also, more importantly with peace of mind.

Cyber Guardian Lite provides peace of mind allowing you to sleep soundly whilst your online assets are protected. This frees business leaders allowing them to focus on business growth and profitability.

As an established, London-based provider of cyber security and online solutions with over 20 years of experience, Go Live UK can create, protect and maintain your website and web presence. Our team is wholly committed to the safety and security of your online presence, creating innovative and secure solutions.

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