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Protect Your Google Positions

How to effortlessly leverage Cyber Security to gain a business advantage


Make sure that Google does not inflict any damage to your website


Climb UP in ranks while others are going DOWN


Solidify your position at the top and maintain it!
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Make sure that your business goes up while others go down!

Google have already started acting on their promise to discredit insecure websites. All websites without SSL certification are suffering ranking positions, moving down in search results in favour of secure ones.

The #1 Search Engine will keep pushing unprotected websites down until they lose almost all organic traffic.

But that's not even the worst part! If a user somehow manages to find you at the bottom of page 10, they will be greeted by a huge red UNSAFE flag, suggesting that they leave immediately or proceed at their own risk.

Your business might not rely solely on organic Google traffic to stay afloat but how will these flags affect your current and potential customers when they decide to visit your page? Would you want to get involved with a company, tagged as NOT SECURE by the major search engine authority?

ACT NOW and avoid damage to your website and business credibility!

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