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100% Optical 2017

On the 4-6th February 2017, Go Live UK joined forces with Loving Social Media and visited the 100% Optical Show. One of the largest of its kind, the 100% Optical exhibition attracts experts in the optical field from all over Europe. Often times, even business leaders outside of the industry find themselves at the show, as it provides not only the latest technology and marketing news but also invaluable networking opportunities.

Our team visited the 100% Optical show in order to raise Cyber Security awareness and help business leaders in their time of need. The truth is, that regardless of all the security measures taken today, cyber criminals always seem to find a way in. And for any professional in the medical industry, this can prove devastating. The matter was so important that Ivan Yordanov, MD of Go Live UK and leader of our Cyber Security team, opted to address the opticians personally.

At the 100% Optical Show, Go Live UK was joined by Loving Social Media – a company specialised in Social Media Marketing for experts in the Optical Field. This joining of forces allowed visitors to benefit from a thorough consultation, covering all areas of online business.

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