Email Armour

Email Armour

The Safety of Your Inbox, Guaranteed by Comprehensive E-mail Filtering

Tired of spending hours on end fighting a losing battle against the overwhelming number of unsolicited messages plaguing your inbox? Contemplating email address changes just to get a quick breather? What if you could keep your current address along with all of your contacts and still enjoy a SPAM-free experience? Now you can - with the Go Live UK Email Armour package!

What our Email Armour Package has to offer:

  • Full compatibility with all e-mail clients, programs and browsers
  • Comprehensive anti-virus protection
  • Dedicated anti-fraud filtering
  • Time-saving implementations
  • Instantaneous phone, e-mail, Skype or Live Chat support
  • A way to get rid of SPAM once and for all
  • Tiers for mailboxes per domain:
    • Tier 1 - 10 GB each mailbox
    • Tier 2 - 30 GB each mailbox
    • Tier 3 - 50 GB each mailbox

Choose Go Live UK Email Armour and leave spammers, hackers, fraudsters and email marketers in the dust!

What is SPAM?

In the digital world of today, SPAM can take on many guises but the term is most widely used when it comes to indiscriminately sending bulks of unsolicited email messages, usually with a marketing goal. A conclusion based on recent estimations shows that SPAM contributes to about 7% of the wasted office time within the UK alone.

Why does SPAM still exist?

Even though war has been waged against it for many years, SPAM remains an ever-present threat for businesses and users worldwide. This is due to the fact that “advertisers” (or rather - spammers) have almost no operational costs apart from storing and managing their mailing lists. This is a “field” with an extremely low entry barrier and the number of spammers keeps on rising.

How does SPAM harm your business?

  • Cyber Security Implications - Today, SPAM is the main carrier of plethora of cyber attacks. Many viruses and malicious pieces of software find their way into otherwise safe and secure systems by the means of SPAM. All it takes is for ONE curious employee to click on the message, download an attachment or follow a link. Then, everything crumbles at the speed of light.
  • Fraudulent implications - Over 90% of these email “marketers” as they like to calls themselves send their messages with fraudulent intent. No, that one guy did not make £999999999 in a day, neither did his friend multiply his turnover tenfold with that simple quick trick. The main goal is to sell things, usually things that nobody needs, and the only person who stands to profit is the spammers in question.
  • Time Implications - Dealing with thousands of unsolicited messages on a monthly basis can take a heavy toll upon the productivity of any employee. Some business owners might brush it off as insignificant but a lot of companies end up wasting more than 60 hours per year per employee dealing with SPAM. And that is if deciding whether to delete a given message takes less than 10 seconds!
  • Server Resource Implications - Servers tend to have a limited resource pool and having to deal with a large number of messages on daily basis can put a significant strain on them. This can easily lead to greatly increased resource consumption, system crashes and worse. Imagine being unable to send your urgent business emails because your server is too busy transferring all of that juicy SPAM right into your mailbox.

What is the solution to all of this?

Our extensive expertise and know-how in the field of cyber security and online business solutions has allowed our team to develop a tried and tested system to deal with SPAM. With the Go Live UK Email Armour, your business, employees and resources are safe, sound and SPAM-free. Forever!

Choose Go Live UK Email Armour and:

  • Stop Hackers, Fraudsters and Spammers dead in their tracks
  • Stop worrying about malicious software being sent over by email
  • Increase employee productivity by removing SPAM from the equation
  • Save time, effort and money
  • Benefit from instantaneous Phone, Email, Skype and Live Chat support

How it works

Our Email armour leverages a plethora of cyber security features and implementations in order to provide you with comprehensive protection twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The Email Armour is the result of many long years of tests, improvements and implementations, courtesy of our diligent cyber security team. The major points in our service focus upon:

  • Anti-SPAM - Our Anti-SPAM algorithms and Predictive Sender Profiling offer top-of-the line SPAM protection with over 95% catch rate at an insignificantly low false-positive rate.
  • Anti-virus - Triple-layered virus, archive and file-type blocking continuously safeguard your business against cyber-attacks.
  • Anti-Spoofing - Any and all messages, sent from forged IP addresses are instantaneously blocked.
  • Anti-Phishing - Advanced phishing scheme protection defends you against fraudulent attempts.
  • Cloud-based Encryption - Our advanced encryption allows you to send messages securely and offers administrations the option to encrypt emails and avoid data loss.
  • Business Continuity - Should the primary server be unavailable, our Email Armour can still deliver the messages to you, using an alternative network. If both networks are inaccessible, your messages will be securely stored for up to 96 hours, allowing you complete access.

Go Live UK is Go Live UK is the preferred partner for building, securing and maintaining your online presence.

Choose our Email Armour package today and ensure the safety and privacy of your business messages all the while completely eliminating spam from the equation.

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