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Cyber Security, Expedient Online Solutions and Total Peace of mind for business owners

As an established London-based provider of cyber security and online business solutions with over 20 years of experience in the field, Go Live UK is a preferred partner for building, securing and maintaining your online presence

Our extensive experience in the digital field have given our team a skillset and know-how that few other providers can match. Our company employs experts in Cyber Security, Website Development, Web Design, Mobile App Development, IT and Website Support in order to provide you, the customer with comprehensive and timely solutions. With us your business benefits from expedient resolutions upholding the highest industry standards.

Cyber Security

The safety of your business, ensured by over 20 years of digital expertise

Security is everything. We’ve been working in the field for 20 years, and we take pride in ensuring every single one of the sites we build and maintain is secure from data-breaches, malware attacks. We make sure you’re never the victim of cyber-crime.

Round-the-clock security for your online presence. We proactively monitor and secure your website in real time so you’re never at risk.

Go Live UK offers comprehensive cyber security solutions for business owners worldwide. This comes in the form of three distinctive packages:

Cyber Guardian

Cyber Security Solutions Cyber Guardian

Our all-inclusive Cyber Security Package, offering complete Website Protection and Support

Cyber Guardian Lite

Cyber Security Solutions Cyber Guardian Lite

A lightweight variation, offering you a safe haven in the vast and dangerous digital space

Email Armour

Cyber Security Solutions Email Armour

Dedicated E-mail defence service against spammers, fraudsters and other unsavoury individuals


Keep your website secure and your customers safe with Go Live UK

Website Development Services


How Cyber Guardian protects your websites and customers

A website is no longer a static shop-window, it’s a core part of your marketing, your operations, your very identity. If your digital presence isn’t secure, or if you don’t own it, your business is at risk. A hack could devastate you. Even a mistake could cost you years of work in lost data.

That’s why Go Live UK isn’t just any other web design firm.

We know how important your online presence is. You can’t afford for it to go offline, or to collapse when you have a rush of orders. We employ expert engineers, not just graphic designers, building and maintaining totally secure online ecosystems for your business.

Every website under Go Live management has in-built data backup capacity on two different continents, real-time server monitoring, spyware and malware protection and a dedicated project manager, just for the client.

Choose Go Live UK and develop your business online with a partner you can trust.

Mobile App Development Services


Local Mobile App Development Services with Global Reach

Go Live UK employs a number of highly skilled developers, specialised in the creation of mobile applications. Our team can custom-tailor a mobile application to the needs of your business, building it from scratch to ensure that your company is represented exactly how you want it to be.

At Go Live UK we don’t sell a commodity. We sell peace of mind

Cloud Computing Support Services


Outstanding It and Website Helpdesk Support. An army of support engineers at your disposal

Everything is supported by world-class customer service to ensure our clients are never let down. And when you have a problem, Go Live will be there immediately. A world-class customer service team answer 98% of phone calls by the third ring and close 96% of support tickets in the same day.

Our expertise in the field ensures that your IT infrastructure will function at optimal capacity 24/7, seven days a week!


A modern business should be treated as a living, breathing being. It requires constant care and nourishment in order to grow. And few companies have the resources in-house to both manage that and keep on with their actual business goals. This is where Go Live UK comes in. Our company employs experts in all fields related to online business solutions. Business owners often come to us with vague ideas about the future of their company. Our experts take these ideas and breathe life into them. Not long after, the company owner finds himself armed with an invaluable tool for success and business growth.

However, it does not stop there. This is merely the beginning. After the creation and launch procedures of the projects are concluded, our team continues to take constant care of the websites, mobile apps and IT infrastructure of our clients. This ensures that they never find themselves in a bad technology situation, as long as they have Go Live UK to lean on.

Numerous UK business have already chosen to alleviate the IT burden of their employees by opting for Go Live UK’s extensive service repertoire. Contact us now for a no-obligation consultation and ensure the prosperous growth of your online presence TODAY!

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