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What is Cyber Guardian®?

Go Live UK is happy to present you with Cyber Guardian® - the ground-breaking Cyber Security Implementation. Our team has concluded that UK business owners need a much higher level of protection and safety than the currently available alternatives. Often times, developers and providers alike overlook security features and threat implications in favour of shorter development times and lower production costs, delivering sub-optimal results. This is simply unacceptable. Cyber Guardian® has been created to amend this. With Cyber Guardian®, your business is thoroughly secure from any threats and attempts on its integrity. Cyber Guardian® provides you with safe and hosting (subject to fair use), highest webserver availability at top level, triple level of redundancy and triple level of back up.

Why I need this type of solution?

In a Cybersecurity Ventures report on cybercrimes, the firm projects that the cost of cyberthreats will rise to £4.7 trillion annually by 2021; that amount encompasses everything from damage and destruction of data, stolen money, lost productivity, theft of intellectual property, theft of personal and financial data, embezzlement, fraud, post-attack disruption to businesses, forensic investigation, restoration and deleted hacked data and systems, are so many reasons that make any of our clients and business owners to think twice about their private business data cyber protection. Our Cyber products are compact and reliable solutions.

Cyber Guardian Products

Cyber Guardian® Lite

Cyber Guardian® Lite – the compact cyber defence solution. In lite of the recent worldwide cyber-attacks, our team has concluded that UK businesses should no longer be forced to put up with sub-optimal security implementations, regardless of their field or niche.

Seeing as how our comprehensive Cyber Guardian® package can look daunting to smaller businesses, our team has decided to develop a special solution, working on the same principle. Albeit lighter and less feature-packed, Cyber Guardian® Lite offers all of the security implementations necessary to facilitate the threat-free prosperity of your online presence.

Cyber Guardian® Lite allows you to benefit from safe and hosting (subject to fair use), highest web server availability at top level, triple level of redundancy and triple level of back up. This universal package is mentioned to provide any small or medium business with website security certificate and GDPR compliant hosting. Businesses and clients also benefit from instant phone support, hotline, email and live chat maintenance.

In accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) our infrastructure was upgraded to a higher level of security. The good news is that the new upgraded platform is significantly more secure and significantly more productive than the old one.

Server Map

Cyber Guardian® Business

Cyber Guardian® Business package is the next step into professional security solutions. This so is more for big businesses with more complicated needs. Daily visual auditing of the website by qualified engineers, assurance tests, compatibility monthly checks, guaranteed data recovery after cyber-attacks and cyber security server protection, compliant with UK government requirements are some of the newest futures in this Package.

Cyber Guardian® Enterprise

Includes all security futures within the Cyber Guardian® service. This package is very durable, designed for huge businesses, bank institutions, government organizations etc. It contains 24/7 help desk support and even 4-hour recovery after technical interruptions or complete collapse. We highly recommend this service for clients with high-security expectations and manners.

Email Hosting Storage

Up to 10 business class email accounts with the following tiers:

  • Tier 1 - 10 GB per mailbox;
  • Tier 2 - 30 GB per mailbox;
  • Tier 3 - 50 GB per mailbox;


Website Storage

  • Cyber Guardian® Lite - 1 GB website storage and 1 GB MSSQL or MySQL database storage;
  • Cyber Guardian® Business - 5 GB website storage and 5 GB MSSQL or MySQL database storage;
  • Cyber Guardian® Enterprise -  10 GB website storage and 10 GB MSSQL or MySQL database storage;


Cyber Guardian Respond-React-Recover


How Cyber Guardian® protects your websites and customers

While everyone today is focused almost exclusively on prevention, our team understands that there is no website in the world that is immune to hackers. This is why the Cyber Guardian® is built on an entirely different ideology. Yes, preventive measures are crucial and keeping them up to date is at the very top of our list but when the worst does happen and an unsavoury individual finds their way into a website, you need a reliable way to get everything back online. And therefore, our methodology is based on Recovery.
Cyber Guardian Website and Server Monitoring


Cutting-edge Security Monitoring Solutions Leveraged for Optimal Safety

Our Cyber Guardian® team of security experts continuously monitors your website and servers, ensuring that they are always up to date on their respective solutions. This ensures that hackers will never find you unprepared and most attacks will barely leave a dent. Should our Cyber Guardian® team encounter any discrepancies, action is immediately taken and you are notified of the situation post-haste. Your Cyber Guardian® subscription provides you with complimentary access to our helpdesk and all of its features, guaranteeing that you and your business benefit from expedient results.
Cyber Guardian Real-Time Website Security


Comprehensive Web Statistics and Analysis with Cyber Guardian®

The Go Live UK Cyber Guardian® team proactively monitors a wide array of web statistics, related to the safety, health, performance and visitors of your website. This gives our Cyber Guardian® experts a forward warning in case an attempt on the security of your website or project Is made. The processed information allows us to take educated decisions about the safety of your website as well as to advise you on the best course of action, should you find yourself in need of assistance.
Cyber Guardian Guaranteed Data Recovery


Ensure that you never lose website and client data with Cyber Guardian®

With Cyber Guardian®, your website benefits from constant snapshotting, ensuring that swift recovery in accordance with your subscription plan is well-within the realms of possibility. Furthermore, Cyber Guardian® allows you to benefit from advanced, in-build backup functionality, facilitating expedient restores in the case of any server faults.
Cyber Guardian Safeguards Your Data


Cyber Guardian® brings you with Local Data Hosting with Global Reach

With the Cyber Guardian® service, Go Live UK can provide clients with the highest level technical, physical and logical security and compliance with UK Legislation requirements, delivering world-class availability and productivity. Furthermore, the safety of your website is also ensured by leveraging the power of UK-based data centres. This ensures that your data is kept and maintained in line with the latest UK regulations.
Cyber Guardian Support Solutions


Rapid support implementations and maintenance, courtesy of our Cyber Guardian® team

Cyber Guardian® allows you to benefit from rapid support implementations and maintenance options at all times. The safety and security of your projects is our top priority. Furthermore, depending on your subscription plan, you can benefit from exclusive maintenance and recovery solutions, ensuring complete business continuation and total piece of mind.

Go Live UK employs a team of highly qualified cyber security engineers, specialised in safeguarding UK businesses against any and all cyber threats. Over the years, this has made us the preferred technology partner for many companies - both foreign and UK-based. Thanks to our excellent track record our company has built a wide array of connections and currently maintaining the safe, secure and successful online presence of clients on three continents.

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