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Business After Brexit

The Business After Brexit conference took place on May 25th at the Cavendish Conference Centre in Marylebone, London.

The event aimed to help business leaders prepare for the changes that they need to incorporate in their strategy. To achieve this, Go Live UK joined forces with The People’s Partner and Peninsula.

The conference touched upon many important topics, including:

  • Employment, contracts, handbooks & policies
  • Law Changes
  • Physical and Digital Awareness and safety protocols
  • Coaching and management support
  • Cyber Security and data protection

Go Live UK was represented by Ivan Yordanov – our MD and foremost expert on Cyber Security and Online business solutions. He addressed the attendees, urging them to place a greater emphasis on the safety and security of their data. Between the rising cyber crime rates, hacking attempts and the approach of GDPR, business leaders find themselves entrenched in a rather confusing situation. Ivan aims to dispel this confusion and shine light on the situation. He introduced the attendees to a large number of new concepts, arming them with invaluable knowledge and information.

On the 25th May 2017, Go Live, together with The People’s Partner and Peninsula, were at the Cavendish Conference Centre. The three leading companies joined forces to help attendees keep their focus on what is important in these trying times for UK businesses.

Ivan’s presentation emphasized on the importance of Cyber Security for the Small and Medium Sized business owner, showcasing the many problems that need to be addressed. Visitors of the Business after Brexit conference were able to benefit from his extensive expertise in the field of digital security and online business solutions and left the presentation armed with an invaluable tool for success.

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