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Creating your business mobile application is much more than just developing it. Aspects to consider include choice of platform – do you need an Android or iOS based application, or both? Where will your mobile app be published and distributed? Do you fulfill all requirements to get all necessary licenses? Your app will be fully serviced by Go Live UK and we will take care of the whole process of developing and publishing your iOS or Android mobile application. Following your requirements and needs, we will develop a superior mobile app for you and arrange all required licenses.
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Remember when registering a domain name matching your company name was of a great importance just because it is unique and you should have reserved it before someone else, or registering a Facebook slash with your company name was of a great importance, because it is unique? Your unique app name should also match your company name. Stay on trend by getting your entry point mobile app now – Go Live UK will take care of the development of your basic mobile app to make sure that you own the name.
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Business mobile apps are suitable for companies who want to build regular and strong relationships with their clients. Update your customers with latest company news or send information about products, services and promotions via your business application. If you own an e-commerce website, you may want to sell your products directly via your clients' smartphones. M-commerce, as it is called, is not only the latest trend within online retail, but is also an effective marketing strategy for building loyalty to your brand. Your company name and logo will appear every time the user of your mobile app uses their smartphone.
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Engage with your customers in real-time and achieve more effective communication! Developing an enterprise mobile app that offers access to a database with information about your business area or improving your customer support function using the opportunities that mobile applications offer will win your customers' loyalty and appreciation.

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