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Few of us could have predicted what has happened over the past two years. While technology always changes at a dizzying pace, nothing prepared us for the crazy fast transition to remote and hybrid work. This global event literally forced companies to speed up their digital transformation efforts, in order to continue doing any business at all. Th...
When it’s time to move your company’s on-premises Exchange mail to the cloud, keep in mind these tips and warnings. Make no mistake: moving from an on-premises Microsoft Exchange deployment to Exchange in the cloud is a gargantuan undertaking. Don’t underestimate the time it will take to move all of your data over Migrating email to the cloud ca...
What is Digital Transformation? The term "digital transformation" is defined differently depending on the type of business. It does, however, refer to the process of empowering employees and achieving company goals through technological integration. Integrating tools are critical in the digital transformation process, which includes implementing c...

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