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Learn how to enhance security and minimize the risk for your business Cyber security has become an increasingly important theme nowadays. Over the last couple of years business owners have started to educate themselves on the subject and are willing to invest more in order to protect their organisations. However, there are still some misconceptio...
Practical tips to protect yourself and your business Increasing number of companies have reported cyber incidents during the past several months and the numbers are growing. Fraudsters are launching coronavirus-related and online payments scams targeting people who are self-isolating at home. COVID-19 Cyber criminals are taking advantage of the ...
Action plan for opening an online shop The unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19 virus is leading to more and more closed doors of shopping centres, small family shops and restaurants, deserted parks, etc. Business owners are struggling to save their companies and at the same time trying to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees. Be ada...

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