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Beware of the scams

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Practical tips to protect yourself and your business

Increasing number of companies have reported cyber incidents during the past several months and the numbers are growing. Fraudsters are launching coronavirus-related and online payments scams targeting people who are self-isolating at home.


Cyber criminals are taking advantage of the current situation and are looking to profit from the pandemic fear of the people. Coronavirus-related scams tend to lure users to download corrupted files which they use to access personal data or install malware to their devices.


Phishing has always been a common threat for companies and individuals. With more people working from how these days, it is a “great opportunity” for fraudsters to trick people into opening malicious attachments which could lead to criminals stealing their banking details, email logins and passwords, etc. 


Suppliers (especially bigger companies) are a common target of cyber criminals. In today’s connected business world third parties are a valuable source of targets for fraudsters. For example, software vendors communicate with hundreds of companies on a daily basis which are part of the supply chain. Through the supplier a hacker can aim at a huge database of users and corrupt their systems. 


Phone scammers are also using the quarantine caused by the coronavirus outbreak. People are staying safe at home but are they actually safe? Usually pretending to be from a support team, phone scammers will aim at getting people’s card details or other personal information. 


Here are some tips to follow in order to protect yourself and your business:

  • Keep all software and devices up to date.
  • Use anti-virus software. Update it regularly.
  • Use firewalls and other home security solutions.
  • Use strong passwords. Consider password manager tool. 
  • Protect personal and confidential information. 
  • Secure your mobile devices.
  • Backup your data on a regular basis. 
  • Keep track of your online account.

Should you notice any suspicious activity in your accounts or devices, contact us immediately to take actions and safeguard your digital assets.


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