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10 Cyber Security Myths to Quit Believing

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Learn how to enhance security and minimize the risk for your business

Cyber security has become an increasingly important theme nowadays. Over the last couple of years business owners have started to educate themselves on the subject and are willing to invest more in order to protect their organisations.

However, there are still some misconceptions that deceit people and make them believe they are safe when they are actually at risk.

Here are the 10 most popular cyber security myths that you need to stop believing right now:


1. Hackers aim at big companies

No business is too small for a cyberattack. Smaller companies think they are safe because they’re off the radar. This is certainly not the case.The mere fact that there is a cyberattack happening every 30 seconds shows that this is not about “Will I be attacked?” but rather – “When will this happen to me?”.
Those companies which believe they will never be hacked tend to invest less in cyber security which makes them even more convenient for fraudsters.

Our advice:

Be cautious about any suspicious activities within your systems. Be proactive about your incident response strategy. Do not spare resources when it comes to cyber security.

2. Having an anti-virus/anti-malware software is enough

There is no anti-virus/anti-malware that can defend you and your systems from all kind of attacks. Yes, it will give a certain protection but you shouldn’t rely entirely on it.

Our advice:

Consider additional measures for protection such as regular backups and accounts with limited access.

3. I do not process or keep any valuable data

It is easy to believe that nobody will attack you since you do not hold any important data. Do not forget – information is power. Even access to one of your accounts can be harmful to your whole organisation. Any details can be compromised or held under ransom.

Our advice:

Use strong passwords and change them on a regular basis. Encrypt data when possible. Backup your data. Keep your devices and software up-to-date.

4. Threats are only external

When we speak about cyberattacks, we all imagine a hacker in the basement trying to steal your business’ information. Wrong.
Various researches have shown that nowadays most of the attacks come from the inside. It can be a current worker of the organization, an ex-employee or a human error that can cause a massive data breach.

Our advice:

Keep your staff educated on cyber security. Delete unnecessary user accounts and change access details of those employees leaving the business.


5. Phishing emails are easy to notice

Phishing is a common type of social engineering attack nowadays. It uses various techniques to manipulate and deceit people and make them disclose confidential information or direct them into malicious links. Scam emails might seem obvious to notice but in everyday routines it is rather easy to fall into the trap.

Our advice:

Keep up-to-date with the latest cyber security tricks and do regular trainings on how to spot phishing emails.

6. I will see the virus straight away.

Today’s viruses are extremely sophisticated. This means that it can be far too late when you actually get to realize your computer has been attacked. There are many cases that the fraudster will steal information and you will not even know about this. It is not necessary that you are the actual target – you may only be the first step.

Our advice:

Be suspicious of any unnatural activities. Carry out regular checks and tests to ensure high level of security.

7. Cyber Security is a responsibility of an IT specialist

While it is true that IT engineers should primarily take care of the overall security of the business, we should understand that it is every single person within the organization that must take care and contribute to the company’s safety.

Our advice:

Do not underestimate staff trainings. Everyone is responsible for the security of the company they work for.

8. Hackers do not target my industry

Every industry and every company can be a potential target. In today’s digital world no one can be 100% safe. You do not have to sell online to be attacked. You do not need to be a millionaire. Hackers attack everyone.

Our advice:

Take care of your digital assets by following security measures as data backup, password policy, data encryption, secured wi-fi, etc. Do not rely on the assumption that you are not a tempting target. We all are.

9. Cyber security costs too much

When you don’t actually do it, how do you know it is expensive? Indeed, companies do not realize they need to invest a certain amount which will eventually save them much more expenses and headaches.

Our advice:

Get informed. Do not rely on the belief that you will not be hacked. Take actions NOW and invest in the cyber security of your business.

10. We are 100% safe

This is probably the biggest myth. There is no 100% security. However, there are excellent ways to minimize the impact a potential attack can have on your business.

Our advice:

Always look for opportunities to improve your cyber security. Review and update your incident response plan regularly. Keep yourself and your staff well-informed.


REMEMBER: Do not believe everything you hear or read about cyber security. Use only trustful sources of information. Always look for opportunities for security improvements.

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