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The Cyber Security Trends for 2017

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How Cyber Security Trends Help Businesses

Here is the big misconception - It cannot happen to me.

Unfortunately, it can.

According to recent studies, cyber incidents cost your average UK business over £346,000. Last year, cyberspace saw a shocking increase in the frequency with which these situations arise. Now, during 2017, things are expected to escalate even further. Most of the world-renowned experts have already spoken in unison, urging business leaders across the globe to dedicate more time and resources to keeping up with the latest cyber security trends.

Unfortunately, there are still plenty of companies that shy away from the situation, assuming that there is no need to devote time and effort to keeping up with cyber security trends. Again, it can, and most likely will happen to anyone at some point in time. Take a proactive step now and dedicate at least one person in your company to oversee things and keep up with cyber security trends or risk the consequences.

Keeping Up With The Cyber Security Trends During 2017

What new threats are approaching on the horizon and how will the cyber security trends evolve over the course of this year?

Heading into 2017, Internet users have already seen a significant initiative in the face of the SSL changes implemented by Google. The search engine giant has begun implementing changes to its algorithms with the aim of improving the overall awareness of businesses and users alike. Already browsers have started warning users about the safety of websites that they visit, advising them to keep away from domains, unprotected by an SSL certificate.  

Ever Present Cyber Security Trends: Employee Awareness

Keeping your employees aware of the latest cyber security trends is crucial to the safety of your business

Even though the campaign by Google has done much to promote awareness of the cyber security trends, there is much work to do, and it falls to the individual. The strongest weapon against cyber-crime is user awareness - employee training and consultations are of utmost importance. An employee who is well aware of the cyber security trends and best practices has a lot lower chance of damaging or giving away sensitive files and data unintentionally.

Cyber Security Trends Of 2017: Combating Malware

Preventing malware infections has been one of the main focuses of the cyber security trends

Malicious Software (or malware, as it has been dubbed for short) poses a significant danger to businesses and individuals alike. The term has evolved to include almost all types of malicious software. Some can be stealthy and go unnoticed for extended periods of time, detecting and stealing private data that you enter into your computer. Other types are meant to cause harm to computers and destroy said data completely. The next, even more, a dangerous type that experts on cyber security trends have been warning you about is the one that locks away your data and prevents you from accessing it unless you pay a ransom to your attackers. This type of malware is called Ransomware, and it has been growing in popularity lately.

Cyber Security Definition

Cyber Security Trends Of 2017: Dealing With Ransomware

What is Ransomware and why does it keep getting mentioned when it comes to cyber security trends?

Ransomware is a very nasty piece of malicious software that has drastically grown in popularity lately and, as a direct result, gained a lot of media coverage. So why exactly are the experts on cyber security trends so concerned about it? For one, it can cause an enormous amount of damage to the reputation and business practices of your company. Should you fall victim to a malware attack, your files will be inaccessible until you pay the ransom. Hackers, however, will take this as a sign that you are willing to pay up and are likely to keep targeting you in the future. The correct way to counter Ransomware is to keep a backup of every piece of sensitive and valuable business information. This, in combination with employee awareness, will allow you to circumvent most Ransomware attacks and continue your business as per usual. Usually, companies that do not pay up the ransom are not likely to get targeted again.

Cyber Security Trends Of 2017: Preventing Credential Theft

Exactly how damaging is credential theft and why do the experts on cyber security trends talk about it so much?

Credential theft can be very dangerous, as it allows perpetrators to log into your systems as an employee would and gain access to your entire network. To achieve this, the cyber criminals must first steal the account information of your users (usually done with the help of malicious software or phishing attacks). They will then have the ability to mess with your internal systems from the inside. Moreover, given the fact that most systems are meant to withstand attacks coming from outside sources rather than ones that are already on the network, there is a pretty big chance that the given unsavoury individuals will have a decent shot at disrupting your business. The best way to prevent this type of attack is to keep your employees aware of the dangers and educate them in cyber security. This is exactly what the experts on cyber security trends recommend as well. After all, the “trends” part in cyber security trends is there for a reason. These attacks are widely popular and having your team prepared for them ahead of time pays off.

Should you find yourself in need of assistance on the subject of cyber security trends, give us a call. Our experts are always happy to help spread awareness about cyber security trends.

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