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Explaining the Cyber Security Definition

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A Detailed Overview of What the Cyber Security Definition Encompasses

But we have excellent cyber security AND our firewall is always on! – your average clueless business owner

Exploring the Cyber Security Definition

What users think the cyber security definition means vs what it actually means

First and foremost, it is very important to understand that the cyber security definition has changed quite a bit throughout the past few years and will keep evolving as time goes by. Cyber security is much more than just keeping your software up to date or firewall enabled. The cyber world, just like the real one, is inhabited by people from all walks of life. You have your average Joe, going by his daily routine, looking up how his friend spent the weekend. You also have Jack, updating his company profile, trying to improve their brand presence. And then there are individuals who prefer to spend their time on less-than-savoury activities. Some enjoy ruining reputations and entering never-ending nonsensical debates, others would rather spend their time attempting to scam unsuspecting individuals, and a fair bit of people are really into stealing information or making it inaccessible. The cyber security definition has evolved to cover the counteraction of all these things and much more. Currently, it is a combination of know-how, threat awareness and best practices, ensuring business continuity and data inviolability. The cyber security definition currently includes Application Security, Information Security, Network Security, Disaster recovery (aka business continuation plans), Operational Security and End-user education.

The Cyber Security Definition of Application Security

What application security stands for and how does it fit in the cyber security definition

The term application security stands for the use of all programs (software), devices (hardware) and procedures. Within Application Security fall things like firewalls, encryption methods, anti-virus, anti-spyware and authentication systems. While this is merely one part of the whole cyber security definition, it is often the only thing that your typical user associates with it. Still, even though it is merely a part of the whole cyber security definition, it is very important. Every modern company needs to have a strong set of software countermeasures in place.

The Cyber Security Definition of InfoSec

The part played by Information Security in the Cyber Security Definition

Information security is a tad more abstract of a term than Application security but every bit as important for businesses. The Cyber Security definition of Information Security (or InfoSec for short) is a set of tried and tested strategies for managing processes, tools and policies, serving to find, deter and remove threats to information, be it digital or physical. InfoSec is responsible for putting in place processes who serve to protect information assets, regardless of their format and storage. For large companies, InfoSec is managed by dedicated security groups, tasked with the creation, implementation and optimisation of the required processes.

Explaining The Cyber Security Definition

The Cyber Security Definition of Disaster Recovery

Ensuring business continuation should be of utmost importance for any company

The cyber security definition of disaster recovery deals with the readiness of companies to handle large-scale problems. Within this cyber security definition fall things such as natural as well as human-induced disasters. While a rather old term (especially from a technology standpoint), it holds true to its purpose. When things go from bad to worse, a modern company should be capable of continuing functioning at a decent capacity. Careful consideration and meticulous planning are required but if everything is done properly, you would lose a minimal amount of business in the case of a disaster.

The Cyber Security Definition of End-user education

The all-important role played by User Awareness

Last but by no means, least comes user awareness. In some ways, this is the most important cyber security definition to understand. If users are not familiar with the threats lurking online, all of your precious preparation will be wasted. Most of the cyber defence software is meant to defend your computer from outside threats and it can hardly do much if you let them in yourself. All of the sophisticated anti-virus and anti-malware software can be rendered useless with a mere mouse click. This is exactly why it is crucial that your employees are well-aware of the actual cyber security definition. Nowadays there are a plethora of companies offering consultations and employee training sessions that all businesses should consider undergoing.

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