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Best Social Media Tactics to Successfully Promote Your Brand

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Yes, we know this is an often discussed topic. But as it is always on the curve of the wave, we would like to take another look at it, this time from a different angle. As you may know there are ten basic social media tactics that this time we will spot just on the surface. Any of these approaches will make social media work for your brand. Here is the list of the top ten social media tactics:

1. Create a brand presence on niche social media sites as well as the primary social media channels.
2. Regularly post on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and your niche social media sites.
3. Build a presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. that rivals your brand’s website.
4. Create incentive based promotions that increase Facebook Likes for the brand.
5. Drive traffic from your website and other marketing materials to your social media pages.
6. Integrate Facebook and Google +1 plug-ins into your content to attract endorsements.
7. Optimize video posts for search.
8. Follow influential people.
9. Send thank you messages to your followers that include a call to action to further engagement with the brand.
10. Create interesting content.

As we have said, this is just the surface of the social media marketing. What we have noticed is that most brands have barely scratched the surface. To succeed in promoting your brand via social media you need to perform all of these steps with a great attention – make sure the texts, images and links you post are tightly connected to your business brand, post them in all your social networks accounts and what is more important – do this regularly.

We follow the very same pattern for our clients – Ackerman Online, Parks London, ClickLaw24 and many others. We regularly update their social networks with information and images, representing their services in the best possible way, we gain fans and followers for them as well as create articles about their products and services which we publish in many article directories. This way we are sure that our clients' brands are successfully promoted on the Internet and our clients are happy with the services we provide for them.

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