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BA website hack – how this affects your business?

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BA website hack – how this affects your business?

It is clear now what was behind the British Airways Hack where 380,000 credit cards were stolen.


What does that mean?

In short – you employ website developers. They outsource some of the work to other website developers. Then they outsource work to others, then buy services (e.g. credit card payments), etc. Somewhere along the line in the “supply chain” a programmer inserts malicious code that steals the data the visitors of the website enter.

Here you can read the entire article from BBC.

How does it affect you?

If you have a website developed by an external agency (e.g. marketing agency or website development agency) they might have subcontracted other agencies in the “supply chain” without telling you. The reasons might be cutting the costs or addressing technical issues. In fact, most of the websites are completed by a number of developers without the knowledge of the owner. This is all Ok until it causes a problem.

Who is responsible for data loss?

It is a common misunderstanding that the supplier is responsible for data loss if the website is hacked. Under the new GDPR regulations you, the owner of the websites, are responsible as a “data controller” for the reason you have chosen the supplier that caused the data breach (e.g. website development agency). Some of these activities might be qualified as a criminal office (this is the case with BA).

Are you in danger if you are one of our clients?

No. Because we do not outsource our work to other developers outside our business. We are currently reviewing all websites hosted on our servers to check the security levels and establish the level of vulnerability. A detailed report will be sent to all of our clients.

What to do now?

The good news is that you can get a good understanding of your level of security by checking it with us.

Please CLICK HERE to contact me and arrange a call to discuss. I will run a number of tests to check the vulnerability of your website and data protection. You will get a clear picture of your website security to relax and give you a good night sleep.

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