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Google Maps Platform Updates

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Google has announced the new Google Maps platform and introduced the changes to their products, pricing, and support services.

They are no longer supporting the keyless usage. This is why they have created 18 individual Application Programming Interface Keys (APIs) in 3 separate categories - Maps, Routes, and Places.

This way starting from June 11, 2018, users will need a valid API key and Google billing account to access the company's core products.

In case that users don’t do the necessary updates, the message shown below will be displayed over the Google map section and the existing Google map on the website will be watermarked with “For development purposes only”.

Also, it is possible to appear some service interruption to existing projects and this will affect the visitors of the website

To avoid this, you can visit the upgraded Google platform and follow the step by step guide.

Once you have your billing account active simply generate and secure your new API key. Make sure to replace the existing one and implement the new API key into your website.

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