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The Way Social Networks Work For You

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It has been widely discussed how to use Pinterest to promote your business. We have decided to take a look at the new social network from a different angle. Of course Pinterest is a great way to promote your services and products online but you should not forget that it is not the only one. After all Pinterest is a community, not a tool and in order to succeed in this community you’ve got to give as much as you try to take. We call it a social media presence for a reason: you’ve got to be present and active in order to succeed. And to be present in more than one or two social networks. We all know about Facebook and Twitter and how to use them but there are like a hundred more social networks that can help you promote your business in a certain way. And is not enough to create accounts and fan page in only two or three social networks. In order to succeed you have to be present in all of these more than one hundred social media so that they can all work together for the success of your brand.

And regarding this, you should use Pinterest as a means for SEO benefits not as a direct SEO tool. There’s no denying that Pinterest does have some direct SEO power: a profile link to your website, traffic referrals, dofollow links to your root domain within the pin’s description, etc.

But these minor benefits pale in comparison to Pinterest’s real power: building a visual representation of your brand. Pinterest allows you to gain followers who are genuinely interested in your site, build targeted connections for linkbuilding, and increase your authority within your brand.

Instead of focusing on getting links from Pinterest, focus on getting links from other Pinterest users; aim at accruing a targeted, interested audience. This is what we are aiming to achieve for our clients Parks London, Ackerman Online, ClickLaw24 and many others. We are not simply creating social media accounts for them, we are building a strong online presence in over one hundred popular social networks, finding more targeted customers for their products and services.

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