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Working from home during Corona Virus outbreak

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Following the Coronavirus outbreak I wanted to address a number of issues that might affect your business. Many big and small companies have restructured their working plans and choose to work from home. As a result of this the use of remote platforms to manage tasks and hold meetings is necessary. Most businesses are not prepared for this type of working so you need to understand how to deal with it while keeping the productivity of the business.

Here are a couple of simple yet important things you must take into consideration when having to work from home.

Internet access –  Although technologies have become a primary source for communicating and engaging with the world, fast internet services might be a challenge for some workers. Business owners must a have good strategy and be prepared to invest in mobile hot spots and data plans to provide staff with reliable service to work remotely.  

Work devices – Why would someone talk about the equipment (devices) required to work from home? Well, let’s assume we all have good problem-solving skills and within a day can have an office room at home. This would automatically mean we managed to buy all necessary devices required to do our job properly. The problem here is that many coworkers, believe they should buy all the equipment when having to work remotely and it really depends on the circumstances, but in extreme situations such as the coronavirus outbreak the company should cover all expenses.

Remote meetings -  You might prefer to organize conference calls and webinars instead attending large group meetings or travel using public transport. Remote working could offer more flexibility and some people believe it to be a more productive way of scheduling business tasks. In fact many of the global events were cancelled, because of the alarming spread of COVID-19 and shifted into the virtual mode. Microsoft teams offer free remote work tools to help and show support to businesses dealing with virtual meetings and employees working remotely from their homes.

Remote working continues to grow and has been already embraced by both businesses and professionals. Thanks to technology which shaped the way we as professionals view work and gives us opportunities to participate in flexible arrangements.



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