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Remote work and Cybersecurity

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The New Norm is becoming a thing- no one can argue how the pandemic outbreak has changed the way we live. Thus, the way we work. Companies are facing two major challenges that could make or break the business amidst the crisis. At first hand, they have to reinvent their whole operational chain- the workforce, their supply chain, and sector peers have to reinvent their way of work. On the other hand, with remote work becoming the norm, the cybersecurity base is at great risk. Think of it as so- before, it was enough to protect the fortress and now you have to think of all that’s outside of the castle. Not only work computers have left the secured office environment, but on the top of that employees use their personal devices for work. Phishing emails are feeding on that new trend. The new context of changing customer and employee behavior and a constantly shifting threat landscape must also be considered.

With more employees than ever working from home, making sure that devices connected to the corporate network are secure has become a key priority for businesses. Follow on our guideline for good practices adopted by the businesses to provide a secure future for their endeavours.

Mind the Gap

As employees shift to less secure environments and personal equipment, leaders have to address that issue in a timely manner. Maintaining a digital hygiene such as installing inti-virus software and using virtual-private-network (VPN) is crucial.

Privacy by design

Treat employees as partners in security, involving them in an education and awareness campaign. Make sure you communicate the risk of data-breach, remind them of the phishing threats and develop plans to respond and recover.

3rd party

Companies must consider third-party and channel-partner cybersecurity levels as carefully as they consider security policies for employees and customers. It is critical to assess supply-chain-continuity and -resilience controls against the permanent changes to ways of operating.

Adopt the Cloud

If you haven’t yet… well, don’t wait for too long. Support the increasing shift to a multi cloud environment and cloud-based services through access controls and use a virtual desktop- that way no data could be lost.

Take control

All that might be absolutely counter-productive if employers continue to supply their workers with devices that leave employees open to cyber-threats. Companies should pre-install staff computers and devices with security software. Yes, the mobile phone too…

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