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Go Live UK Complete A Website Project In a Couple Of Days Only

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Jane Murphy, previously a senior member of the “black, grey and navy corporate world” is now aiming at helping women get the most of themselves with her Style Therapy. Her main and most important requirement was the team of Go Live UK to build her online presence in the shortest possible terms so that she could start helping women improve their confidence and boost their self – esteem right away. The website project was started from the scratch and was fully completed in the short time scale provided.

As the website purpose is to help women of all ages who have gone through major changes in their lives Go Live UK have created a website with a fresh look that will appeal to a wide audience. The website is not only visually exciting but also expresses a clear and concise message of Style Therapy vision and mission which is to to give a helping hand to women to move onwards and upwards.

The team of Go Live UK have created a user friendly interface for the website that enables visitors to find the necessary information they are searching for quickly, easily and without any efforts. The website has been launched recently so now all women who feel it is time for some positive changes in their lives can contact Style Therapy and get the change they want. Jane's web solutions company – Go Live UK has about 15 years of experience in the field of web solutions and they perfectly understand the importance of not simply having a website, but a remarkable presence online and for that reason they are happy to assist Jane Murphy in her journey to the online world. And because the team of Go Live UK know that a website so tightly connected to women and style needs to be always on the curve, they have used a content management system (CMS).

This allows Jane Murphy to apply changes to her website and to upgrade it everywhere every time she wishes to quickly and easily, thanks to the intuitive and feature-rich interface of the system.

With the assistance of Go Live UK experienced team, Jane Murphy and her Style Therapy now enjoys a professional, contemporary online presence that is reflective to who she is and what she has to offer to help women improve their self – esteem.

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