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Why You Should Have Your Mobile Devices Security Audited

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Cyber crime is on the up. Great if you are a cyber criminal, but if you are not, what should you do about it? A particular vulnerability is mobile devices. The pandemic, more homeworking, and use of mobile platforms instead of offices in sectors like construction, utilities and IT means that personal phones and tablets could be vulnerable.

In 2021, Kapersky found 3.5 million malicious installation packages on mobile platforms, leading to 46.2 million attacks worldwide. There were 6,484 attacks per day. Malicious apps can be embedded in normal ones users download, sometimes even getting into the major App stores. Phishing and users installing dodgy apps are a constant challenge. So companies need to protect themselves.

What Can You Do About This?

Having a company mobile security policy is essential. Phones and tablets need a reliable security solution that detects malicious apps and adware before they start compromising your devices. It is necessary to audit mobile devices to see if they have malware installed. Good education policies for employees will also help to ensure that your staff are aware of the risks of phishing, trojans, and other malware.

Effective mobile device management and security provides the following advantages:

There are numerous options to improve mobile device security. These can range from Virtual Private Networks, Network Security Devices, software, cloud and hardware security. Each business needs to have its own security needs and vulnerabilities investigated and solutions put in place, rather than being reactive to a security breach.

The Benefits of a Mobile Security Audit

Bringing in outside specialists has the advantage of in-depth knowledge of the field and what security solutions can be applied to the particular business case. Internal IT departments are often very busy, and may not have the best vision of solutions available.

  • Enforcement of company security policy
  • Control of devices remotely
  • App installation and update monitoring
  • Backup of vital data
  • The convenience of BYOD: Bring Your Own Device
  • Remote shut down if a device is lost, stolen or compromised
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