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Future Technologies in The Construction Industry

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Many industries are undergoing a digital transformation. Construction is no different. New technologies like drone surveying and mapping, digital twins, machine learning for predicting construction bottlenecks, and the use of wearables and mobile devices for enhancing worker safety are changing the way we work. Here is an overview of some of the latest technologies to impact the industry.

1. Increased use of Drones for Surveying and Mapping

The cheapness and flexibility of drones for surveying work sites is highly valuable. They can take pictures and video, as well as track progress. LIDAR and other advanced imaging technologies can trace underground pipes or cables that could prove problematic to building work.

2. Mobile Apps and Platforms

More and more people are ditching the desktop, or even the laptop, for mobile phones and tablets on site. For many uses these need to be ruggedised to cope with inclement weather and rough handling. With a complete network available, and online meetings, mobiles can be as good or better as working from an office.

3. Digital Twins:the Rise of Artificial Intelligence

By creating a digital twin model of the project and particularly complex plant, such as turbines, and feeding it with data, all kinds of issues and challenges can be monitored, predicted and controlled. This field is new and advancing all the time, but it holds enormous promise for better, cost-controlled projects.

4. Machine Learning for Avoiding Costly Issues

Machine learning is starting to be used in the construction industry to enhance project management. It can often predict delays, bottlenecks, and accidents. This is a huge benefit to avoiding costly time and budget overruns.

5. Wearables for Health and Safety

Construction sites are busy places. Having wearables gives you the option to track where your workers are. It also can prevent accidents and ensure that workers are not overworked or under unusual stress. They facilitate compliance with regulations and other legal and HR matters. As these devices become widespread, they improve and become cheaper, so they are wil be seen as an essential tool for managers.

The Need for Better IT Security

Of course, “There is no such thing a free lunch”, as the saying goes. With many more devices around, often networked, and in public places, there is a greater need for security than ever before. Go Live UK is an accredited expert company in this sector. Give us a call on +44 (0)20 3371 7354 and find out how we can help you.

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