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The Internet Is Running Out Of Room? Go Live UK Know the Solution!

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IPv4 is the current version of the Internet Protocol, the identification system the Internet uses to send information between devices. The problem is that it only has room for about 4 billion addresses - not nearly enough for the world's people, let alone the devices that are online today and those that will be in the future: computers, phones, TVs, watches, fridges, cars, and so on. More than 4 billion devices already share addresses. As IPv4 runs out of free addresses, everyone will need to share. IPv6 is the new version of the Internet Protocol and expands the number of available addresses to a virtually limitless amount–340 trillion trillion trillion addresses.

As the Internet is running out of IPv4 addresses transitioning to IPv6 enables the Internet to continue to grow and enables new, innovative services to be developed because more devices can connect to the Internet. The complete transition to IPv4 to IPv6 will take time as every website and Internet Service Provider must make the switch. In the meantime, both systems will work together until IPv4 is no longer needed.

Many major websites and Internet Service Providers now support IPv6, but there are still many more who need to switch. If you want to find out whether you already have IPv6 or need more information on how you can get it, contact Go Live UK.

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