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Go Live UK Complete Another Project for Their Clients State Bank of India

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State Bank of India are already having a remarkable online presence trully reflective of their business size and brand thanks to the work of Go Live UK team. The next thing that needed to be done was developing their Service Desk system.

Go Live UK completed the project in a month only in a way to meet all of SBI's requirements. The project was started from the scratch. However, as State Bank of India already had ticketing system on the website, the expertised team of Go Live UK web developers started the project by gathering all of its good features to serve as a baseline to develop the new system with even more features, usabilities and of course, user – friendly interface.

The team of Go Live UK worked closely with their clients from State Bank of India to achieve the desired goal – a great service desk system with robust functionality and a customer-focused attitude. After the ticketing system was developed and the new features were added, the system was implemented to the website. Because State Bank of India know that the lack of customer-focus will be quickly reflected in the level of service they provide Go Live UK worked hard to develop a ticketing system, reflective of the State Bank of India brand and business size.

Now, thanks to the team of Go Live UK State Bank of India enjoys their new, feature rich service desk system that is very much focused on their customer interaction.

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