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Go Live UK Launch Successful Pay Per Click Campaigns For Their Clients

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As Google algorythms are constantly changing and the number of competitors in all business areas continues to increase Go Live UK clients Parks Candles and Edwards Recycling have recognised the need to take further steps in their Internet Marketing campaigns in order to keep the good positions they already have thanks to Go Live UK SEO strategy. That is why Go Live UK have launched Pay Per Click campaigns for them.

First Parks Candles and Edwards Recycling gave us their most important keywords so that we can launch the campaigns for them. Then we optimised their daily budgets to make sure the campaigns do not exceed the monthly budghets set by our clients. The two camapigns have been running for two months already and the results are more than good – the traffic to both websites – Parks Candles and Edwards Recycling has doubled and continues to grow and the websites are now on the first Google positions for the chosen keywords.

Go Live UK understand that more and more businesses are turning to Pay Per Click campaigns as a successful way of promoting their products and services. That is why we are checking our clients' campaigns performance every day to make sure they keep their first positions and to adjust the best settings and keywords bids suitable for Parks Candles and Edwards Recycling keywords. Because we measure ourselves through the success of our clients.

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