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Attract More Customers! We Will Add Just One Feature To Your Hotel Website To Make This Happen!

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Are you an owner of a hotel or any other type of accommodation? Definitely you want to gain more customers via your website, don't you? Now you can do it!

Go Live UK are delighted to present you a new type of booking feature created especially for owners of hotels and any other type of accommodation. The feature is easy to use, its implementation is simple and does not affect the structure of the website. Using the new feature you will enable your customers to book their stay easily and quickly without any problems. Moreover, the booking feature is such an unique product that will allow your website visitors to process the booking by choosing from multiple currencies. The feature also links clients to various payment gateways.

Undoubtedly, the best thing about the booking feature is the fact that it is fully compatible with mobile devices. Statistics show that more and more people nowadays prefer to use mobile devices to browse the Internet rather than ordinary PCs. For that purpose businesses need to be flexible and make their websites mobile friendly if they do not want to lose customers.

We, the team of Go Live UK know how important it is for our clients their websites to be always up to date. That is why we never stop looking for more and more solutions to attract more visitors for you. Because we know that our success is measured by the success of you, our clients. 


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