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The evolving domain landscape: new opportunities for companies

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Since earlier this year shorter version .uk domains are available, creating the possibility of registering ‘mybusiness.uk’ alongside ‘mybusiness.co.uk’. Surveys point out that maintaining an online presence is one of the most valuable assets of a business.
In order for businesses to grow their customer base, they need to keep up with changes in the industry.


What’s out there and what’s changing?



New domains are divided into five categories- geographic, generic, brand, community and IDN. Geographic domains represent areas or cities like .london or .wales while generic ones are .bank or .shop. Branded domains are fancied by big companies like .google or .nike.  Examples for community domains are .kids and .islam while IDN domains include non-latin script domains.



Every country is assigned with a Top Level Domain (ccTLD) country-code.  Some like Germany (.de) allow registration before the country code; while others like Britain (.co.uk) or Australia (.com.au) do not. For the UK this has changed from June 10th.


What domain names are right for my business?


It’s worth knowing what signals you want to send your customers. If most of your customers are from the UK, customer polls show that 59% of Brits prefer buying goods from a British supplier, while 75% believe that .uk domain ending is the most appropriate for a British business.



There are benefits in terms of consumer recognition and trust by using established namespace like .com or .uk. It also comes down to being practical; a website with .uk domain suggests a site with prices in British Pounds, while a .photography makes it clear that it’s about a certain niche.



How can I get the ones I want?



More than 10 million existing .uk holders now have the exclusive right to the shorter version of their domain. Contact us today to register your reserved or brand new .uk domain name for your UK-based business.



Give us a call at: Tel.: +44 (0)20 3371 7354


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