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7 critical e-commerce mistakes to avoid during the holiday season (Part 1)

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The holiday shopping spree has begun and business owners are preparing for the most important season of the year. It is estimated that the last two months of the year account for 20-40% of company revenue. Here is the 1st part of the list of the most common mistakes that e-commerce owners make.


1. You do not perform stress tests.



This is one of the biggest mistakes that most e-commerce owners make. Your system must be prepared to handle a big spike in visitors coming to your online store. If you don’t prepare you run the risk of having increased delays in loading your site, or even worse, your website crashing. According to a research paper 57% of shoppers will leave your web page if it doesn’t load up in less than three seconds. 


If you are unsure whether your website passes this 3 second rule, contact us using the form below and we will find out for you.


2. Your store is not optimized for mobile devices.



It may look clear as a day but a big number of business owners forget that people access their website through phone or tablet. People tend to do research on their phones and make purchases from their desktop PC, but there is an exception to this rule when it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If buying from your phone is faster and less of a hassle, then people will go for it.



You need to bear in my mind that 72% of customers wouldn’t recommend your business if their mobile experience was a poor one. 

To find out what huge difference mobile-friendly design makes, check out one of our latest mobile optimised e-commerce projects here.



3. You do not offer to gift wrap and package.



People spend a lot of time and money finding gifts for family, friends and loved ones. A successful e-commerce owner will try to make their customers feel happy with their purchase. Fantastic way to do this is to offer to gift wrap and package products at checkout. Having the option to choose, buy, wrap and ship out a product provides value to your customers and makes them happy. 



Next week we will be sharing 4 more mistakes for e-commerce owners to avoid during the holiday season.



For more useful tips and advices, book your 20-minute complimentary consultancy with a member of our team. Just give us a call at: 0203 371 7354.





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