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Case Study- Smart IT solutions for the construction industry

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SBR Group provides services to all areas of the building sector. With a wealth of experience in the refurbishment field, particularly the Hotel sector, SBR has applied their skills, knowledge and understanding to the needs of the social housing market in the south east.


When SBR Group came to us in 2014 they had huge headaches with their office email server. The server wasn’t properly configured by their previous IT support company so their staff experienced a number of issues with their office network, shared folders and printers as well as with their phone systems. Most of the team members couldn’t send and/or receive emails on their computers and mobile phones.

SBR had recently rebranded their business, however, their company website was not updated in accordance with their new identity. 


Go Live UK took control over their networks including their domains and website. Our top-priority task was to rectify their email server configuration. Then we removed the obsolete email users and reconfigured all existing email accounts. Our engineers reconfigured the emails on the computers and the mobile devices of all staff members and added email filtering system to clean their inboxes from unsolicited mail.

Even more - our team assisted SBR Group in finding a trustworthy telecommunication company to take over their phone systems and set them as per SBR’s requirements. 

Successful Outcome

Since Go Live UK took control over SBR’s IT infrastructure, the team was finally able to use email and server resources effortlessly. They managed to focus on business instead of struggling with network glitches and configuration, thus helping increase efficiency and profit. 

Thanks to our cloud-based anti-spam filter system SBR Group got rid of the massive amount of junk emails they received previously. 

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