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7 critical e-commerce mistakes to avoid during the holiday season (Part 2)

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Here is the second part of the e-commerce mistakes you should avoid these holidays. 


4. Long Checkout process + lacking shipping/return policy.



When people do their holiday shopping, they just want to buy and get it over with. If you checkout process has a lot of steps, there's a chance you could lose someone's attention. The holiday season is different than the rest time of the year. The increase in traffic you will receive, you would want for people to come and go faster and not annoy them during the process. 



You can cut down on the steps from the checkout process by removing registration for your e-commerce store just for the holidays.



An important thing you should not forget is to add shipping date information and return policy. People are expecting to find easily this information during the checkout process. Make sure this information is clear in case you run into any issues during the holidays.



Go Live UK can help you make the Checkout process on your online store straightforward and effortless for you visitors. Give us a call today at 0203 371 7354 to learn how. 



5. Is it easy for people to find and buy your products?



This may sound as something really simple but the truth is that many e-commerce stores don't make it easy for their customers to complete their transaction online.  Poor navigation, slow loading time and issues with the payment provider are just a few things that can turn away customers from your site. 



It is important to have someone other than you test your web store to make that you don't lose any attempted sales. An important fact is that in many e-commerce stores up to 60 percent of their revenue is lost due to customers abandoning their transactions. Think about it? How many times have you tried buying something online and left because something wasn't just right?



If your web store has fewer features and offers fewer products but easier navigation and sales completion, at the end of the day you would make more sales.



6. Ho-Ho-Ho and SEO.



If consumers cannot find you using a search engine, how will they be able to find you during the extremely competitive holiday season? Optimising your e-commerce web store for the holidays is a must, but you need to be smart when doing it. In addition to updating your content, you need to re-evaluate your Digital Marketing strategy for the holiday season. Consumers will be on the lookout for holiday sales, online discounts and free shipping.  You have to make sure that you're offering what people are searching for.



Go Live UK has performed successful Search Engine Optimisation for a couple of e-commerce websites. Our latest success is for Vivify Beauty- a beauty salon located in Chelsea, London, selling treatments and beauty products on their website. Vivify Beauty reached Google's 1st page for key phrases such as "Beauty Salon in Chelsea", "Central London Chelsea facials", "Slimming Treatment in Chelsea" and "Vivify Beauty Salon" after only 2 months optimisation of their website!



7. Reduce abandoned shopping carts.



During the holidays, 9 out of 10 shopping carts will be abandoned before checkout is completed. This is why it's vital to carefully re-target those customers by getting their email at some point. Your messaging should be strategic so that you need to convince the visitor to come back and complete their order. Use re-targeted ads and analyse the results to fine-tune the process.



Christmas is in T-minus 20 days! Contact us at Go Live UK and we will help you get ready for the holidays!





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