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The Year Of Go Live UK In Review – Highlights Of 2014

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2014 was full of accomplishments for us here at Go Live UK. We are more than proud to present an overview of our highlights throughout the year.

During the last year Go Live UK has made a significant investment in upgrading its infrastructure and servers so that we can provide improved services for our clients’ websites and businesses by offering them: 

  • The highest possible security, looking after their business integrity
  • Latest technology in terms of hardware and software
  • Faster performance, so customers have a better experience.
  • Continued high levels of availability

We have transferred over 100 of our clients’ websites to our new web servers, more than 200 domain names and have migrated more than 1000 e-mail boxes and SSL certificates. Evidence of the great professionalism of our team is the fact that this significant transition wasn’t felt by our clients and they have experienced no interruptions or technical issues with their websites, emails etc. 

We would like to highlight in particular on two successfully launched projects: website development for two of our biggest clients- State Bank of India and Union Bank of India. 

State Bank of India - The project for the redesign of SBI’s website was quite a challenging one. Being a company with a history, SBI values high work standards and professionalism. Go Live UK again has proven its professionalism in addressing the client’s requirements with an amazing eye for detail. There is no wonder that for 5 years now and counting State Bank of India has chosen Go Live UK to be their true technology partner in the online world. 

Union Bank of India – Being the sixth largest public bank in India with over 3,800 branches, UBI needed to strengthen their position in the UK financial market with a strong online presence. The UK subsidiary of UBI entrusted their first website to the expertise of Go Live UK and we didn’t let them down: we met in full their requirements and made them a loyal client of the company. 

Website Checker Free Android AppThe first Go Live UK proprietary Android mobile app has arrived at Google Store. Website Checker Free is the most comprehensive website reporting tool available in the world today, helping website owners evaluate their current website performance and pinpointing problem areas that need fixing.  Here you can download for free this amazing tool!

Following the latest trends in web development and design, our company website has been redesigned to become a leading example in the industry. From responsive website design that makes the website respond to the proper device resolution, it is viewed on to the fixed navigation that helps users find the information they are looking for easily and quickly without scrolling to the top of the page every time to reach the main menu. 

There have been new additions to our team in order to accommodate our projects and ensure quicker response time and quality of service for our clients. 

Throughout the year, a great deal of effort and focus have been put into optimising our internal work processes so that we can provide better quality of service to our clients. A number of enterprise resource planning solutions were implemented to improve our operations in terms of project management, IT and website support & helpdesk, customer relationship management and communications and to ensure that each client gets the attention he needs.

We are eager to face all challenges the new 2015 year will bring upon us and we hope that it will be even more successful for us and our clients than 2014! Become a part of our big family by contacting the team of Go Live UK at 0203 371 7354!

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