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How to Avoid Some Common Mistakes with Domain Names

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Buying a domain name for your business can be exciting, but it can also be stressful. There are a number of best practices to consider before purchasing.

This Domain Must Represent You


When choosing a domain name, it is important to keep it short, simple, and easy to remember. At the same time, you want to include keywords or your location in whatever domain name you select, if possible.


This gives your website a slight advantage in search engines. Whatever keyword is most important to your industry should be included in the domain name you select.

At the same time, avoid unusual characters, such as abbreviations, acronyms, hyphens, and numbers. Word of mouth advertising is important to all businesses, even those online, and unusual characters can make your website difficult to find.

Additionally, unusual characters are perceived as less professional.

Pay Careful Attention at Registration


Think of a domain name as a piece of property. If you do not own the property, you are unable to sell it.


Likewise, if you are not registered as the owner of a domain, you will be unable to claim ownership for your website. This can result in costly sales commissions and legal fees in the future.


If you are having someone else complete the purchase of your domain name, ensure that he or she registers you as the owner.


Further, it is important not to let your domain ownership expire. It is best to purchase several years of ownership upfront, and then enter an automatically renewing form of payment.

We Can Make It Easy


Helping to select domain names, in addition to developing websites, is just a portion of what we can do to take your business into the digital world.


To learn more about avoiding the pitfalls of purchasing a domain name, contact Go Live UK today.

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