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Why Solid-State Drives Are the Best Choice for Your Computer Equipment

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If it is time to upgrade your computer equipment, you may wish to consider switching your hard disk drives (HDDs) to solid-state drives (SSDs) for a boost to productivity.


If you are unsure of the difference, this article will explain what a SSD is and why it is the better for your business.



Benefits of a Solid-State Drive



Compared to HDDs, SSDs use significantly less power. Not only does this increase the time in between charging laptops and other computer equipment, but it results in reduced energy bills.



SSDs are also significantly faster than HDDs. Some studies indicate that a SSD may be up to 10 times faster than a traditional HDD.



Although a SSD will cost marginally more upfront, it will also last longer, too as there are less mechanical parts prone to wear and tare.


SSDs also stay cooler, they are lighter, and they do not make any noise.


How Solid-State Drives Increase Productivity



If your employees depend upon computer equipment to do their work, you will want it to operate as quickly and efficiently as possible.



Upgrading your computer equipment to SSD technology means that your employees will save valuable time waiting for programs to open or load. Your computer equipment is also likely to last longer, and you will see a cost savings with respect to energy consumption.



Choosing the team at Go Live UK to upgrade your computer equipment includes a number of advantages. For starters, there will be no loss to your data. In most cases, we can complete the upgrade in less than 24 hours. And you pay one fixed price, no matter how long the upgrade actually takes to complete.



Call 0203 371 7354 or contact us to get your fixed-price quote.


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