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Website Ownership: Are You The Legal Owner of Your Website For Real?

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When most people think of website development, their first thoughts include layout, colour scheme, copy, search engine optimisation and calls-to-action. 

While these aesthetic and functional components are important, they pale in comparison to one single element – maintaining complete legal ownership over your website. 

There are numerous horror stories about successful online ventures that later discover they have no legal claim to parts of their website. 


You Should Own Your Domain Name 



When you hire a company to develop your website, be certain they register your domain to your business. If the time comes to renew your domain, or you wish to make changes to your existing configuration, you will need to have ownership over it. 


An otherwise malicious entity that retains ownership over your domain could later cause harm to your website, or attempt to sell it back to you for a steep profit. 


Hire Professionals to Develop Your Website 



It is certainly understood that many business owners do not have the technical skill to do their own website. Although it is normal to outsource it, you need to verify a few things. 



1. Be sure that the company you hire registers the domain to your business. 


2. Ensure that the company gives you legal ownership over the code they used. 

3. With your completed website you should receive an ownership certificate guaranteeing that your website is entirely your property and does not belong to the designers or developers. 


When you hire the website design professionals at Go Live UK, you can be certain that all three of these recommendations will transpire. 



Allow us to make your business run smoothly and without interruption. We will complete your website and register the domain on the name of your business. We will also give you full legal ownership over the code we use and provide a total ownership certificate upon completion for your own protection.


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