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Email Security Tips for Small Businesses

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Without the implementation of proper email security measures, your business may be at risk. This is especially true if your employees send sensitive data through email.

Here is a selection of email security tips for your small business to fight spam and other threats.

Update Your Email Software Regularly

Every day, new threats to email security are introduced. By ensuring that the email software your employees use is kept up to date, you reduce the risk of your business becoming vulnerable to spam and other cyber-attacks.

Educate Your Employees

Most employees understand the importance of keeping sensitive information confidential. For example, it is common knowledge to keep email passwords private.

But other factors need to be reviewed on a regular basis. This includes the importance of securing any unattended workstations, and the correct protocol to follow if a mobile company device is lost or compromised.

Introduce Email Content Filtering

Both the messages your business sends and receives pose a potential email security threat. That is why content filtering is increasing in popularity. It allows you to block potentially harmful content, including any number of attachments.

Many organisations that work within the public sector are bound by legal requirements to use email content filtering.

Go Live UK Email Security Service

To keep your small business protected, consider the Go Live UK Email Security Service (GESS). We pride ourselves on providing industry-leading protection against new and known threats. These threats could cause irreparable harm to your networks, or allow malicious entities to gain access to sensitive data.

If fighting spam and other email security threats is important to your business, contact Go Live UK today to see if GESS is right for you.

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