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Top 5 Most Popular Content Management Systems (CMS) for Website Development

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There are many CMS platforms you can use for your website development but have you ever wondered which of them are truly useful? Which Content Management Systems are most convenient and easy to use by users who do not have extensive computer knowledge? Which CMS platform will allow you to easily manage the content of your website?


Website Development Content Management Systems

Below you can find the top 5 most popular and highly rated by Google website development CMSs.


Website Development with WordPress


In the past, WordPress has been used mainly as a blogging platform, but nowadays with this CMS can be used not only for fully functional website development, but also for the creation of mobile applications.

The fact is that WordPress is a very easy and convenient system. This makes it one of the most popular CMSs for website development, as well as for their maintenance in consequence. Nowadays 22.5 % of all websites on the Internet are based on WordPress. Some of the most popular brands who use WordPress as CMS are:

  • Sony,
  • eBay,
  • Facebook,
  • Disney,
  • LinkedIN and many more

Basically this platform enables the construction of websites in any kind, such as:

  • Informative website,
  • eCommerse website,
  • Photographic website,
  • Adsense website,
  • Video collection website,
  • Membership website etc.

The best thing is, that WordPress is with open source software, preferred by Google, so as a consequence your site can benefit from certain ranking preferences. The great thing about WordPress as website development CMS is that it is written with the help of a standard high-quality code and produces semantic markup, making your WordPress site very attractive for the search engines.


WordPress is a SEO Friendly platform, but if you're using WordPress for a first time it is not a good idea to experiment with the optimisation of your website. It is highly recommended to appoint this task to a professional in order to avoid a potential ban by Google. WordPress is considered to be one of the best protected CMS, it can be used in many ways, and there are numerous free plugins that could be used on your website.


Website Development with Joomla


Joomla as well as most website development CMS is a open source platform. Joomla is PHP-based and uses MySQL database to store content. With the help of Joomla you or your web developers will be able to make your preferred website development project whether it will be for:

  • Informative website,
  • Corporate website,
  • Business website,
  • eCommerce website,
  • Small Business website.

Even with a small knowledge in this area you can manage the content of your website extremely easily without fiddling with the code behind the site. Joomla can be used for the developing of powerful online applications.


Below are a few brands that use Joomla as website development CMS:

  • MTV,
  • Harvard,
  • Citibank,
  • Linux and many more.

Website Development with Magento


Magento as well as other website development CMS is an open source platform. This platform is designed mainly for eCommerce websites. Magento uses Zend PHP datebases and MySQL and offers:


Powerful and flexible features:

  • Intuitive interface,
  • Tools for management and control over the appearance of the goods,
  • Search Engine Optimisation Tools are available

Please note that if you are new in this area, have basic skills and don’t know how to optimise your website, it is a good idea to contact a specialist to avoid headaches. With the help of Magento you can manage easily and quickly both small eCommerce websites as well as huge eCommerce websites with a large range of products.

Magento is a CMS that is extremely easy to use and will facilitate the work with servicing of clients, which is a very important criteria for today's eCommerce websites. In case you were wondering whether to use Magento for your website development project, keep in mind that it is vital your site be mobile-optimised.


Responsive Website Development


The best thing about Magento is that you will never worry about losing customers, who are always on the move and mostly use their mobile phones for shopping, because Magento is iPhone optimised which means that your site will be properly visualized on Apple devices.


Some of the popular eCommerce websites using Magento are:

  • Ford
  • Lenovo
  • Pepe Jeans
  • Fred Perry
  • The North Face and many more

Website Development with Drupal


Drupal is a website development CMS with open source and it is suitable for:

  • Informative websites,
  • Social networking websites,
  • Member websites,
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Portals
  • Web applications.

Drupal is an extremely flexible website development CMS and can be tailored to the needs of every business. However, it isn’t as user-friendly as WordPress or Joomla, due to the fact that it is a new website development CMS and is a heavier platform compared to the above CMSs, and so is not the preferred choice by the majority.


Popular brands using Drupal are:

  • Twitter,
  • The White House,
  • NASA,
  • Intel,
  • Warner Brothers and many more.

Website Development with DotNetNuke


DotNetNuke is an open source platform, based on ASP.NET and used for website development. The framework is not as good as the above-mentioned Content Management Systems (CMS) but is easy to use. However, if you have decided to create your website with DotNetNuke, below are some useful things to know:

  • Simple content editing and creation,
  • Unmatched security,
  • Ultimate platform flexibility,
  • Good for applications or intranets.

Popular brands which are using DotNetNuke are:

  • KIA
  • Motorola
  • Samsung
  • Nascar and much more.

In conclusion, whatever platform you select for developing your website, the most important thing to remember in the case that you don’t have required skills and knowledge to develop your own project consider finding a suitable company to complete this job for you.

A really good website development company is Go Live UK with more than 20 years of experience in this area. They have an exceptional team of young professionals, which will facilitate, assist, develop, optimise and manage your web project and will offer you the 24/7 high-quality service nowadays.


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