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5 Web Design Trends that Will Rule in 2015

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The online world changes rapidly, and it is a more competitive space than ever. 


Here are five significant web design trends you can expect to see in 2015. 


1. Impressive Background Images 


Many websites are now designed with full-width background images or video. This effect is often combined with large typography and parallax effects to create a visually impressive experience for the user. 


Example: SnugKitchens.co.uk



2. Scalable Vector Graphics 


Scalable Vector Graphics, generally shorted to SVG, are now the preferred format for images used in web design. They load quickly, can be easily animated, and look great on devices of every size. 


3. Large Fonts 


As referenced in the first point, large fonts – known as typography – are now favored in web design. This boosts readability while keeping the focus on brevity. 


Example: CurtsSpecialRecipe.com



4. One Page Designs


Since mobile technology has become so prevalent, so too has the introduction of one page designs. Most users would prefer to scroll the length of a single page instead of navigating to multiple different pages when gathering information. 


Example: EarthResidential.co.uk



5. Minimalist Designs 


A significant web design trend you will see in 2015 is the removal of clutter. Sidebars, excessive images, large headers, and daunting navigational menus are disappearing in favor of clean and neat layouts boasting simple color schemes. 




Our team of professional web designers has more than 17 years of experience, and we can work to ensure your business stays ahead of every online trend. We are anticipating dozens more significant trends in web design this year, and we would be happy to discuss them with you.

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