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Windows 10 is coming this summer. We are ready for it! Are you?

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This summer we will be enjoying the newest and improved Operating System from Microsoft - Windows 10, which brings greater flexibility and mobility. Windows 10 will be available  on 29th of July 2015 in more than 190 markets globally.




The menu brings up resizable tiles - similar to those featured in Windows 8's touch-centric interface on PCs and tablets. The facility was intended to make the software seem familiar to both users of Windows 8 and Windows 7. Half of the menu looks pretty much like it did in Windows 7 but there's the obvious addition of Live Tiles. It also provide a quick view of notifications from relevant applications, such as details of new emails, Facebook messages and weather forecast updates. According to number of sources the Windows 10 Start menu is the best Start menu yet.




 Windows 10 is coming with many new features, such as Universal Apps, Cortana, the Personal assistant and knowledge navigator, introduced in Windows Phone and a new web browser currently known as 'Spartan'. Windows 10 will also be introduced to phones, tablets, laptops desktops and the Xbox One console.



Can you dare to be an early adopter?

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