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What to Look for in Web Hosting Services

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If you want a website for your business, you will also need to purchase web hosting.

Simply put, hosting refers to a server that houses all of the files needed for your website. This includes copy, images, videos, and more. Think of it as an offsite computer that powers your website and stores all of its data.


Web Hosting Services



Without web hosting, your website would not be accessible online. Web hosting is also plays an important role in powering your company email addresses.


When you are considering what to look for in web hosting services, you will want to give some thought to the individual needs of your business.

Here are three different factors to consider:


Disk Space



Much like the hard drive in your laptop or personal computer, different hosting services offer different amounts of disk space.






The concept of bandwidth is very similar to data usage limits imposed by wireless carriers. Each time a file is accessed on your website, including downloading images, that uses bandwidth.



Emails Accounts



Give some thought to how many email accounts you will want to create that include your company domain name.


Thankfully, the team at Go Live UK offers a number of different hosting packages. Our expert team can help you to decide which package is right to support the needs of your business.

We have recently invested significant resources into upgrading our infrastructure and servers to offer a better hosting experience for our clients.

As your business grows, we can easily upgrade your web hosting services. So if you aren’t totally sure what to look for in web hosting services right now – that is okay. You can always make changes to your package or upgrade in the future.

Best of all, web hosting services with Go Live UK start at as little as £8.30 per month plus VAT.

To begin, take a look at our complete list of web hosting services.

Website Hosting



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