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Go Live UK Has Helped More Than 30 Business Get Access to Government Funding

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In today’s digital world, it is almost impossible to find a business that doesn’t have an online presence. However, a business can demand a lot of time from its workforce, where an online presence can come second to the more demanding day-to-day running of the business itself. Fortunately Go Live UK is able to advise a business on how to make the most out of digital technology. In fact, the advice given has been so popular that Go Live UK is in first position out of 12 thousand companies, making it the preferred government supplier.

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Go Live UK has assisted more than 30 businesses get access to funding that has helped them to grow accordingly. Businesses have also benefited from the mass of information Go Live UK has to offer. One may assume that the world of digital technology only applies to devices and the Internet, but there is so much more a business needs to understand about their online presence. Go Live UK are able to give advice on a number of sectors within the world of digital technology. For example, security is at the forefront of any business, but has your business secured itself against cyber-attacks? Advice can be given on how to address and tackle these issues to ensure your business data is kept secure.

Money is the life blood of any business, so in this regard it makes sense that a business is always looking for the most financially viable products available. What some businesses may not be aware of is how investing in digital technology could benefit them financially moving forwards. Go Live UK can assist businesses with how to implement digital technology as part of their business model. Advice can also be given on how the introduction of digital technology can benefit a business in the long term. For example, the technology could streamline a process that previously took a long number of manual hours. These hours can now be directed at tasks with a higher priority.

Go Live UK and digital technology go hand-in-hand, so any business can be confident that any advice they receive will be correct and relevant to its business model. A business may already have digital technology in place, and is fully aware of how the system operates. Go Live UK can also advise on online sales, marketing and customer service. The advice given aims to give businesses an even playing field when it comes to digital technology. Once educated, a business will not only know how to use such technology, but when benefits can be acquired by embracing it.
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