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Windows Server 2003 Support Ends 14th July. What Does This Mean to You?

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The deadline is looming for the moment when Microsoft finally ends its support for Windows Server 2003. But what does this mean for your business? Many assume that when they have IT support services in place, then all is fine, but unfortunately this isn’t the case. Having an IT backup solution in place will certainly help in a number of other instances, but it won’t assist towards the security of Windows Server 2003 after the 14th July.

Windows Server 2003 Time Ends

Why is The End of Windows Server 2003 Support so Important?

Not everyone is familiar with Windows Server 2003 and its functions within the workplace. However not anyone who works within IT support services will be aware of how Windows Server 2003 functions and the ramifications of ending the support for Windows Server 2003. The reason why this poses such a threat is because there will be no patches or security updates moving forward. This in turn will leave both your system and your business at risk. And as all the updates are received from Microsoft, there are very little IT support services they can offer.

What Action Should Be Taken?

The next step a business should take is to have its IT support service migrate the business's current IT infrastructure to Windows Server 2012. It is a  necessity to help shield a business’s infrastructure from risk. There are also a number of benefits when migrating to a new solution. One such benefit is that the cost of ownership will be greatly reduced. This is due to the much-improved management of resources, improved functionality and the improved performance. An average Windows Server can take days to migrate, so now is the time to instruct IT support services to plan your migration.

Are There Any Other Options?

If you ask IT support services whether there are any other options when migrating your platform, the answer is yes, but the other options available aren’t necessarily in your business’s best interests. Business can still opt to use Windows Server 2008, but it won’t offer the security benefits that Windows Server 2012 offers. When speaking with IT support services you will find that your business only requires a Server Core, then the need for patches is reduced. On the other hand, if you are looking for IT support services to upgrade to a supported operating system, then it may be well worth making the jump to Windows Server 2012.

What If My Business Isn’t Ready To Update Its Server?

Migrating can seem like a massive leap for many businesses, but unfortunately if a business doesn’t migrate, it leaves itself vulnerable. Don’t suffer in silence if everything seems a little overwhelming. Speak to companies who offer website migration services, or ask your IT support services how involved the business's migration will be. Factors IT support services should take into consideration are how many systems there are, how critical these systems are to your business and whether they are in a regulated area. Having all the answers will allow IT support services to undertake a successful migration and put a system in place that’s stable, secure and beneficial for your business moving forwards.

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