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Today's the day! Windows 10 is now on the market! Why Windows 10?

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Do great things.

Windows 10 Pro is designed to eliminate learning curves, remove limitations, and immediately empower you and your business to do great things. It helps you and your business do great things from anywhere and more securely, right from start.

Windows 10

Why Windows 10?

Windows has amazing capabilities that provide real examples of how the product empowers people to do great things.

One Windows - Ready to run on devices of every shape and size, Windows 10 gives businesses more flexibility and computing choices than ever, while reducing the complexity of managing and securing their Windows infrastructure.

Familiar and productive user experience - Users will love it. With Windows 10 your apps* and content adapt to display beautifully in all modes, on all devices and even as you transition from one to another, so you stay productive.

Light touch management that scales - Windows 10 makes it easier to manage PCs, devices, and applications with features such as single-sign-on, identity management and mobile device management.

Enterprise-grade security - The last few years have seen a revolution in security threats. Windows 10 goes beyond just building bigger walls and delivers entirely new ways to help protect identities, data, and devices.

Range of innovative devices - Windows 10 is designed to work with a range of devices you already own, and light up the features of new devices - from 2-in-1s, to devices that hang on the wall, to new holographic interfaces. Windows 10 opens up new ways to create, learn, collaborate, and visualize.

Windows 10 For Mobile Devices

Why upgrade?

From Windows 7

Moving to a device with Windows 10 Pro from Windows 7 Pro is a leap ahead, saving you time through performance improvements, better productivity for all your employees, and drastically increased data protection with enterprise-grade security features. You can also enjoy the elegance and functionality of modern devices such as ultra-thin laptops or 2-in-1s, with a familiar interface that adapts to the form factor.

From Windows 8

Moving to a device with Windows 10 Pro from Windows 8.1 Pro is a leap forward. You get increased data protection on your devices and in the cloud, and save time with mobile enhancements and productivity improvements for your desktop users.

Windows 10 Platform

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