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The Long Click and your SEO Strategy

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The Long Click is term used by the search engine giant Google. It is a patented metric which measures the Dwell Time on your site i.e. the amount of time the user spends on your site after clicking the relevant search result on Google. This metric helps Google to understand how helpful and relevant your site is to their users needs.


Immediately you should be able to see the great value in ensuring that your site generates these long clicks, ensuring it does should be a key part of your SEO strategy. The long click is one of the least well-known search engine optimisation tips and tricks out there, so utilising it can give you a major SEO advantage over your competitors.



How to Incorporate the Long Click into your SEO Strategy



Long Click SEO Strategy



When you are creating content you need to go right back to basics and think about the wants and needs of the user provide them with clear, high-quality content and solve the problem they are looking for. Use clear, accurate headlines and concise, punchy opening paragraphs.



Off Page SEO Strategy



You can make changes to your off page SEO Strategy which will have Long Click Benefits too. Remember that the long click is all about relevancy and users getting what they want and expect from your site. To ensure they get this you should look to build high-quality, contextual backlinks only, and develop a guest posting strategy. Guest posting on similar relevant sites pre-qualifies your traffic, they know what to expect and are more likely to stay on your site. Remember to have Google Analytics installed on your site.



SEO Strategy, Tips, Tricks, Loop Holes

If you type in SEO news, SEO tips, SEO strategy, search engine optimisation tips, SEO best practices, SEO tips and tricks, etc. into Google you will find a wealth of information and some it will no doubt be confusing. One thing you can look to work on is your long click metric, this metric comes straight from Google itself so you know that it will have a major effect on your rankings. For this reason, it simply must be a part of your SEO strategy.


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