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How to Take Advantage of Facebook

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New Ways to Tap Into the Potential of Video Advertisements

Social media is a crucial part of modern-day lives and by extension of businesses. Almost every business has a representation on various social networks, with Facebook being a leading choice, amongst the preferred platforms. Knowing how to take advantage of Facebook and using it to its full potential is becoming even more important with each passing moment. Most businesses, however, are not fully aware of how to take advantage of Facebook and its video advertisement potential. While there certainly is a wide variety of video ads from all areas and business sizes, few of them are properly optimised to have the right impact upon the viewers. In 2016, a huge portion of the user base opted for mobile viewership and advertisement teams wondering how to take advantage of Facebook have found themselves experimenting with new approaches.

Businesses Will Have to Re-learn How to Take Advantage of Facebook and its Video Ads With Post-haste

In our day and age, people are bombarded with tons of worthless information from all sides and this conditions the human mind to pay little to no attention to the countless distractions. This natural reaction is a big problem for most marketing teams, as it makes getting their message out there, in front of their potential customers, much more difficult. Businesses are being forced to re-discover how to take advantage of Facebook if they wish to compete for the ever shorter user attention spans.

Marketers, interested in learning how to take advantage of Facebook and its video ads, should adopt a different, more creative approach, says Ian Crocombe. Both the content and its presentation should go back to the drawing board, suggests the regional head of the Facebook Creative Shop.

How To Take Advantage of Facebook

How to Take Advantage of Facebook in 2017 Realise That You Live in a Video-First World

The Creative Shop aims to help brands, doing research on how to take advantage of Facebook, get their message across, by applying the Feed-proofing methodology. This is a method by which the brand ideas are transformed in a more mobile-friendly version of themselves, easy for viewing. Here are 4 steps that can allow you to take advantage of Facebook with feed proofing:

  • Capture – have a clear easy to understand message
  • Design – do not rely on sound too much
  • Frame – focus on your message, do not add unnecessary fluff
  • Play – play around with your ideas, never stop experimenting

How to Take Advantage of Facebook in the Video-First World #1 - Capture

This step is meant to reshape the video, making it captivating enough to grab the viewer attention quicker and holding it for longer periods of time. According to Ian, businesses Interested in seeing how to take advantage of Facebook videos for advertisement purposes, should aim for short and clear messages from the very start, as this will give them a much easier time convincing the audience to watch more.

How to Take Advantage of Facebook in the Video-First World #2 - Design

The second stage focuses upon sound. Sound has been an inseparable part of video creation for a very long period of time and it can most certainly add a huge dose of atmosphere to your message. Nowadays, however, people are unlikely to watch your ads with the sound on, especially on social media. If at all possible, the advertisement should be designed in such a way, so that sound adds to it and its message, but the message does not seem empty and meaningless without it.

How to Take Advantage of Facebook in the Video-First World #3 - Frame

The third important addition by the creative shop is the framing of your visual story. Facebook suggests that you frame your story so that it needs no unrelated fluff to fully unravel, focusing on your message instead. Stats show that ads designed in this manner are viewed in their entirety a lot more frequently.

How to Take Advantage of Facebook in the Video-First World #4 - Play

And the fourth, but by no means, least important step has to do with creativity. After all, necessity is the mother of invention. And now, more than ever, the advertisements are in need of fresh air, of something new and exciting to stir the stale waters.

Advantages of Facebook

How to Take Advantage of Facebook in 2017 Take a Whole New Approach

This does not go to say that one should just scrap everything he knows but merely pay heed to the fact that times are changing. For increased viewer engagement, Facebook suggests that businesses use a different model start with showing your product, then focus on keeping your target engaged and hook them with the benefits.

For creative teams, trying to see how to take advantage of Facebook in the Video-First age, the social media team led by Ian, suggests that the new approach should focus the video content almost exclusively on the product. It may be beneficial, says Ian, to repeat short loops of a story every few seconds of your video, keeping your audience on its toes. He points out that the duration of the content holds no importance, as long as it achieves its goal keeping the audience engaged.

How to Take Advantage of Facebook Advertising by Making use of Zigs and Zags

Another great tip for businesses interested in how to take advantage of Facebook and its video advertisements comes in the form of zigs and zags. To elaborate, according to the company data, 65% people who watch 0.03 secs of Facebook videos can watch up to 0.10 secs and 45% who watch 0.10 secs can watch up to 0.30secs. This means that the hooks need to be frequent and the content lengths kept to the shortest possible segments.

And finally, Ian Crocombe suggests that one should start with the end. Usually, in advertising, people are used to seeing the benefits first and then, only after they have been sufficiently convinced by them, they get presented with the product itself. To counteract short attention spans, one should turn the presentation around and avoid losing viewers to impatience and boredom.

In summary, 2017 is going to be quite an intriguing year, for customers and marketing teams alike. Businesses will most certainly be looking for new approaches in their search for the ultimate answer to the How to take advantage of Facebook question. And this, in turn, will bring about the much-needed breath of fresh air in video ads.

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