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Google and the Computer Security Trends of the future

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A one-of-a-kind chance to get ahead of your competitors by following the latest computer security trends

Online trends can be tricky to follow. They tend to change so quickly, that if strictly following them is not one of your primary goals, keeping up can be quite difficult. And computer security trends are no different. With all of the major changes taking place in the UK, the general public is getting more and more familiar with them but still, it can be quite daunting. Things like Cyber Essentials have already been established as solid computer security trends. Most businesses are in line with following the standard office and company-related computer security trends. Few business owners, however, are aware of what is to come. The next big change in computer security trends is going to come from Google. The search engine giant has hinted that not only will they take cyber defence more seriously, but that major improvements to their algorithm are on the way.

Soon Google will be penalising websites that are not following the latest Computer Security Trends

Google are not known for announcing big changes ahead of time, but information leaks through the cracks every now and then. What they are widely known for is valuing customer experience and safety above all else. So, this change was to be expected. It makes perfect sense for them to encourage websites to follow the latest computer security trends, protecting their visitors. Of course, if one website goes up in ranking, it must push another website down. This puts business owners in an interesting position, as not every website is currently benefiting from SSL protection, and a lot of people are still unsure of what SSL even stands for. Should you require more information about what SSL Certificates are and what security risks for websites you can avoid by using them, take a look at our articles on the subject. They will help you get a better grasp of why having an SSL certificate in place has been a part of the major computer security trends online for so long.

What does this change to online Computer Security Trends mean for businesses?

For the business owner, this change might seem drastic, as SSL Certificates are not free and they require time and knowledge to implement. Looking past that, however, this change in computer security trends presents an excellent business growth opportunity. Thanks to the upcoming algorithm improvements, it will now be possible to rapidly gain positions on Google. This means surpassing competitors, who are not keeping up with the computer security trends. Imagine if you could move up by a dozen of positions on Google, surpassing your direct and indirect competitors overnight. According to recent studies, more than 85% of Internet users only pay attention to the top 5 websites in search engine results. Over 72% focus most of their attention on the very first result. You could potentially double your traffic overnight, just by keeping up with the changes in computer security trends!

Computer Security Trends

Google does not care if you did not know about it

Just like with their previous algorithm changes, this one is aimed purely at the end-users and visitors, not at your business. The search engine will not care whether or not you knew that you were supposed to implement the change. They merely want people to be safe, comfortable and secure. SSL certificates have been around for over 10 years now and have been a part of the online computer security trends for long enough. Still, there is no cause for alarm. Certificates do not come in limited quantities, nor do they take months to start taking effect. You can grab one right now, sit back and wait for your website to climb higher in the search results page!

Thanks to this change in computer security trends, Search Engine Optimisation will really benefit the users

Right now, search engine optimisation (or SEO for short) is rarely implemented in order to benefit the users. Actually, it often ends up doing quite the opposite – it can easily end hurt their experience. From weird and difficult-to-read articles to content that is merely there to convince Google. In nine out of ten situations, SEO is used for the benefit of the company, owning the given website. By dedicating itself to following the latest computer security trends, Google is essentially improving Search Engine Optimisation by forcing experts to provide additional benefits to their visitors. If the change still somehow feels drastic, you should keep in mind that search engines already place a high value on SSL certification. It simply is not mandatory to have one yet. Being the owner of a certified domain, however, does wonders for your Search Engine Results Page position (SERP).

SSL Certificates have been on the list of computer security trends for over 10 years now

It is time to bite the bullet and get your domain certified. The history of SSL certificates and their journey to the top of the computer security trends lists began around 1993. Since then, the Secure Socket Layer protocols have undergone massive changes and have little to do with their predecessors (save the name). Now they are known as TLS certificates in the professional circles but to the average internet user, SSL is a lot more familiar term. A lot of people have gotten used to relating it to computer security trends and best practices and it has stuck around. 


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