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Holiday Shopping Trends For 2017 That You Need To Know

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How Are The Holiday Shopping Trends Going To Evolve Over The Course Of 2017?

I do not use an e-commerce platform on my website so there is no need to concern myself with the holiday shopping trends, right?


Following the holiday shopping trends will not only help you stay afloat and fare evenly against the competition but allow you to get ahead and get more sales with less work. Customers are always a lot more likely to go on big, sporadic shopping sprees during the holidays than at any other point through the year. Merely taking a look at the holiday shopping trends of the previous years is enough to convince even the most sceptical of salespeople.

Keeping Up With Holiday Shopping Trends Is Important For All Business Owners.

With Easter, fast-approaching, let us have a good look at how the holiday shopping trends might change over the course of this year. Last year, personalisation had a huge impact on the holiday shopping trends over the world, be it in-store or online. Store owners, salespeople and marketers that placed their bet on personalisation saw a great increase in their sales over the course of the year. It is safe to assume this will continue to shape the holiday shopping trends throughout 2017, as the Internet has exposed the populace to the wonderful world of personalised media. This has also played a role in the decline of physical stores in favour of digital merchandise, as the latter is much more apt to personalisation.

How The Internet Keeps Moulding The Holiday Shopping Trends

The role played by digital media in the evolution of holiday shopping trends

Why do people shop more online? According to most experts, digital purchases feel easier both because the transactions are less of a hassle and because of the lack of physical money being moved around. If the customer cannot physically touch the money and feel it, it is easier to part with, say experts. This is even more powerful on special occasions, as demonstrated by the holiday shopping trends of previous years. People tend to go on shopping sprees online a lot more often as they do not get to experience parting with their hard-earned money in a physical way. While these changes in the holiday shopping trends are very exciting for the owners of e-commerce websites, they are not all that great for physical retailers. While the holiday shopping trends are certainly favouring digital consumption, the death sentence of physical retail stores is far from set in stone.

Holiday Shopping Trends for 2017

Holiday Shopping Trends Of 2017 – The Competition Between Digital and Physical Stores

The difference between the online and physical holiday shopping trends

Retailers need to give customers more options for payment. Over the last few years, mobile devices have enjoyed a great increase in popularity and now almost everyone is equipped with an advanced handheld device. This has done much in the way of promoting mobile payments as they are quick, easy and simple. Mobile devices, gaining so much popularity has also played a big role in the evolution of holiday shopping trends.The mobile devices of today allow for not only security and compliance but variety as well. Customers can choose from a vast array of payment options, each more enticing than the other, making it much easier for salespeople and store owners to realise their sales without actually adopting a full-on digital approach. Mobile payments are playing a key role in emulating a digital environment, easing clients into a purchase without losing any of the perks, offered by physical stores, solidifying their place amongst the holiday shopping trends.

Holiday Shopping Trends That Can Help Physical Stores

How can standard stores stand up to the digital competition and how this is reflected in the holiday shopping trends of today

The main upside of the good old standard retail over digital sales lies in the atmosphere, the face-to-face contact and the ability to physically interact with the products before making a purchase. The recent changes in the holiday shopping trends go to show that customers favour digital over retail stores even when it comes to products like clothing, that would normally be more enticing in a physical store. The undeniable upside of retail in this department can still be found, in the face of physical interaction – touching the fabric, trying the clothing out and so on. Here, digital is successful due to its ease of use and wide product selection, as there is no need for the given piece of clothing to be present at all times for customers to make a purchase. Big retail stores still have their huge sales and customers do like interacting with the employees, asking questions and trying products. This can easily be seen in the holiday shopping trends for major events and shopping-centered ones like Black Friday alike.

Mobile Responsiveness And Its Effect On The Holiday Shopping Trends

The mark, left by mobile devices on the holiday shopping trends

With mobile shopping being enticing as it is, a lucrative opportunity is presented before business owners from all over the world. Does your website use an e-commerce platform? It should. Even if you mostly rely on a physical store for your sales, having a good presence online is crucial and will only continue to rise in importance as we go through 2017. More than half of Internet users now browse with their mobile device. This makes mobile responsiveness a huge factor for the holiday shopping trends. From a Search Engine Optimisation point of view, your website simply has to be mobile responsive if you want to be on the front page of Google. And from a sales point of view, nobody will want to buy from a website that does not look presentable on their screen if they are using a mobile device.

Holiday Shopping Trends And Their Need Of Cyber Security

The value of cyber security showcased by the latest holiday shopping trends

As already established by looking at the holiday shopping trends of previous years, customers are more and more inclined to shop digitally rather than physically. However, online shopping has its disadvantages as well. While it is much more convenient for the customers, transferring money online also alleviates a lot of the hassles for unsavoury individuals. Cyber criminals, as they are called, absolutely love the shift of the holiday shopping trends, allowing them to steal more with much less effort. And while online stores account only for a small amount of the global cybercrime victims, these hits usually make the headlines, as retailers typically collect account information and sensitive data. This makes cyber security even more important for business owners that follow the holiday shopping trends as data loss and leakage can very easily destroy their reputation and the trust, customers have in them.

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