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Benefits of a Landing Page for Driving Business Growth

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Leveraging the Benefits of a Landing Page to Ensure Business Success

Ever felt like your company cannot get quite as much business as you would like? How many times did you try to improve the situation? How many of the attempts were successful? In reality, there is no company that can ever get “enough” business, for growth is facilitated by an ever-larger customer base. Big-time marketing and advertisement tools can be rather expensive, especially for start-ups and SMEs. What small businesses should really focus on is capitalising on the tools that they already have at their disposal – ads, newsletters, mailshots, social media and so on. “But I already do all of these”, one might say. However, using a tool and leveraging it to its full potential are two very, very different things. This is where utilising the benefits of a landing page come in.

The Main Benefits of a Landing page for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Properly leveraging the benefits of a landing page is crucial to ensuring a good ROI

If you already are running newsletters and social media campaigns, you are on the right track. These are the two main marketing tools that come at a very low cost and have a huge ROI potential built into them. Properly leveraging the benefits of a landing page, however, will actually ensure that you get said ROI. You are already reaching out to numerous potential customers with the help of social media. How many of them will actually go through all the trouble to get in touch, moving down your funnel? On average, a minuscule percentage. How does one circumvent this issue? By employing and reaping the benefits of a landing page, custom-tailored for the given campaign. To summarise, the main benefits of a landing page for your business are:

  • More conversions
  • More focus
  • More stats to measure
  • More testing that can be performed (crucial for good marketing)
  • More design freedom
  • More accountability

However, just having any random page dubbed as “my landing page” will rarely do you much good. It needs to be carefully tailored in line with the given campaign and message, as forgoing the rules can severely diminish the effective benefits of a landing page.

The Benefits of a Landing page in Terms of Conversions

How to effectively leverage the benefits of a landing page to achieve greater conversions

The benefits of a landing page have been the focus of numerous marketing studies and it is nearly impossible to find a case where a company has not seen an increase in conversions. And even disregarding the immense amount of information online, the benefits of a landing page can easily be deducted. Would a prospective customer be more willing to purchase a product if he is directed to a busy homepage with lots of glowing buttons or if he gets sent to a special part of the website, dedicated in its entirety to the product in question? The page needs to thematically match the ad or post that has sent him there. And herein lie of the biggest benefits of a landing page: it is much easier to create multiple pages dedicated to each campaign than to modify your homepage every single time.

Landing Page Definition

The Importance of Targeting

Benefits of a landing page custom-tailored for each and every single campaign

Distractions are bad for sales, especially online ones. Usually, a homepage features multiple products, news, blog links, company information and so on. The benefits of a landing page here are found in the fact that it does not have to feature anything but your designated product. A given campaign can have various traffic sources – ad campaigns, mailshots and newsletters, affiliate links, banners and so on. You can create separate pages for each source, customising them specifically for the type of people that would come from there. Leveraging the benefits of a landing page here allows for more traffic and better conversions.

Benefits of a Landing Page from a Design Point of View

Creative freedom is one of the main benefits of a landing page when it comes to design

One of the many benefits of a landing page when it comes to marketing campaigns is the fact that you do not need to adhere to your standard website structure. The website in its entirety is created for a very different reason – it serves the purpose of presenting your company to the world. The landing page serves to present your product to a very specific range of customers. Only the people that you choose to advertise to will see your landing page. Many of them will be unfamiliar with your company outside of the ad they saw. So, while design freedom is one of the big benefits of a landing page it can also be your downfall, should you not do your research beforehand.

The Benefits of a Landing Page go Beyond Selling

Every business can reap the benefits of a landing page even without using it for hard sales

To leverage the full benefits of a landing page, one does not need to use it specifically to sell – it is merely one of its most common uses. Landing pages can be created to achieve any interaction-based goal within a marketing campaign – from getting users to sign up all the way through to the sale itself. The major benefits of a landing page include (but are not limited to):

  • Collecting emails for your mailing list
  • Having prospects double opt-in to strengthen their determination about your product
  • Providing additional “exclusive” information about your product  
  • Announcing upcoming services, events or products (the infamous “coming soon” pages)
  • Allowing users to sign up for said services, events or products beforehand
  • Providing a higher level of interaction
  • Granting access to exclusive features

A good marketing campaign will leverage all the benefits of a landing page in every applicable step, inciting the feelings of exclusivity, tension, safety and care in your prospects. All of these points can be greatly expanded on. As a matter of fact, each and every one of them deserves its own category of articles. Just remember that the benefits of a landing page for your business can be numerous, given enough collected data. You can (and should) never stop testing and collecting information. 

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