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Pay Per Click Marketing Advantages for Business Owners

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How to effectively drive business with Pay Per Click Marketing

I do not need to pay for Pay Per Click marketing if I can get organic traffic for free, right?


While organic traffic does have its benefits, it rarely comes for free. For your website to show up on a high enough position in search results, a significant amount of work needs to be done. And this never comes cheap. On top of that, organic traffic is still limited by the popularity of your brand and the terms that people look for. The aim of this article is to help you learn what Google AdWords does and how to effectively optimise your Pay Per Click marketing campaigns.

Pay Per Click Marketing – How does it work?

What makes Pay Per Click Marketing so effective?

Pay Per Click marketing (or PPC for short), is a method of leveraging Google search results to drive targeted traffic to your website. Once a Pay Per Click marketing campaign is launched, Google will show your Ad to people, searching for relevant things and suggest that they visit your website. These advertisements are tagged with an Ad label in the search results page, as shown in the screenshot below. Each time someone clicks on your Ad and visits your website, you pay Google a small fee.

PPC Marketing Definition

Pay Per Click Marketing vs Search Engine Optimisation

Is Pay Per Click marketing a better investment than Search Engine Optimisation in terms of ROI?

Search Engine Optimisation is an extensive process that aims to achieve long lasting results and drive organic visitors to your website. It continues to provide benefits for the given website long after the completion of the initial procedure.

Pay Per Click marketing is a much shorter process that, after an initial investment, will rapidly drive a certain number of visitors to your website and then will cease functioning. Until you pay Google for a new Pay Per Click marketing campaign, of course.

All in all, search engine optimisation is an excellent tool to increase your visitor count and solidify your brand presence but it is a long process that takes a lot of time and resources. Pay per click marketing on the other hand, when done right, can achieve rapid results for a lower time and resource investment. Relying only on Pay Per Click marketing as your long-term strategy can be very risky and end up costly. Likewise, relying purely on Search engine optimisation will yield results much slower. There is no reason not to combine both. As a matter of fact, most optimisation experts are also well-versed in Pay Per Click marketing, as both have a lot to do with search engine algorithms.Get in touch with our Pay Per Click marketing experts today!

Pay Per Click Marketing Benefits

What makes Pay Per Click marketing good?

Pay Per Click marketing is great for business owners, search engines and searchers alike. What makes it so good, one might ask? Pay Per Click marketing is excellent for three main reasons

It is a great thing for searchers, looking for information on potential products to buy. People who are looking to buy a certain product do not mind having advertisements pop up at all. Furthermore, they are even more likely to get enticed and buy a certain product faster. It saves them time and effort from having to browser countless website and look through every online shop to find exactly what they need.

It is great for advertisers – it gives marketers an ingenious way to put their message in front of the right audience. Pay Per Click marketing offers an excellent way to get laser-targeted traffic for the topic that you want. Only people who are interested in the given product will see it, meaning that the ad cost goes down greatly.

It has its benefits for search engines – Besides the obvious benefit of getting them money, Pay Per Click marketing is good for search engines as it allows them to present visitors and marketers with what they want at the same time. The searchers get their results and marketers get to sell their products –the very definition of win-win.

How to Grow Your Business Using Pay Per Click Marketing

Leveraging Pay Per Click marketing to facilitate business growth

Pay Per Click marketing presents you, as a business owner with the unique opportunity to drive targeted traffic to your websites. This helps you grow your customer base at a very affordable cost, should the Pay Per Click marketing campaign be properly optimised (more on that later).

Users actively searching for products or services on the internet will be presented with your Ad and, should the Ad copy be well-structured, are very likely to end up on your website. The affordability factor comes from the fact that you only ever pay if someone actually clicks on your Ad. This makes Pay Per Click marketing one of the most cost-efficient ways to drive targeted traffic to your website. Then it is all up to you and your team to actually realise the sell. And nothing helps you grow a business better than having a steady influx of customers, willing to spend money on your products or services.

Pay Per Click Marketing Optimisation

Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign Optimisation

Things to keep in mind when creating a pay per click marketing campaign

For a Pay Per Click marketing campaign to be successful, it needs to be properly optimised. This requires a decent knowledge of how search engine algorithms and user behaviour. When creating your Pay Per Click marketing campaign, you have the ability to add and omit words that your Ad will show for. You must ensure that your advertisement is only shown to your target market. This implies focusing exactly on your product instead of its general category.

If you are, for example, selling red baskets, you would want to your ad to only show up when users look for “red baskets”. Should you not employ the proper optimisation methods, people who search for “red flower baskets” or “flower baskets” will also see it and may click through, costing you money. Google AdWords also gives you the ability to omit certain words from your Pay Per Click marketing campaign, allowing for even more focused targeting. And while Pay Per Click marketing optimisation is crucial, your website needs to be prepared for the influx of visitors as well. To get help with your Pay Per Click marketing campaigns, contact us now!

Pay Per Click Marketing and Website Optimisation

The difference between just doing something and doing the right thing right

It is important to keep in mind that neither Pay Per Click marketing, nor Search Engine optimisation guarantee that you will make money. The actual sell is always up to you, your team and resources. To elaborate:

With Pay Per Click marketing, a user searches for a given keyword and encounters you Ad. The Ad title and copy need to be enticing enough for him to click through to the website. Once he lands on your page, the page itself must be consistent with the Ad copy, its promise and tone of voice. If your page is not built with conversion in mind, otherwise, the visitors will promptly leave and go to the competition. You would have paid for nothing.

Search Engine Optimisation presents you with a similar situation as well. Once you appear on top of Google Search Results and someone goes to your website, it is up to the structure, design and copy of the page to convert the visitor to a customer.

In the end of the day, both Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click marketing are viable business growth options. Each presents you with the ability to get targeted traffic, interested in what you have to sell. It all boils down to whether or not you as a business owner have the right team in place to seal the deal.

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